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Heart’s Ann Wilson shares details about two new solo songs — “Black Wing” and “As the World Turns”

Heart's Ann Wilson shares details about two new solo songs -- "Black Wing" and "As the World Turns"

Credit: Criss Cain

Heart singer Ann Wilson has not been idle while spending the coronavirus lockdown with her husband at their rural Florida home. Wilson tells ABC Audio that she’s been working on two new solo songs: a “heavy rock” tune called “Black Wing” and a politically charged ballad titled “As the World Turns.”

She says “Black Wing” is a “heavy poetic song” that was inspired by where she lives.

“I live on a river, so there’s lots of birdlife and everything,” Wilson explains. “And I see these birds coming so fast across my view. They’re coming from somewhere and they’re on a mission to somewhere else.”

The 69-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer adds, “I thought, ‘Well, that spirit is carrying a lifeline from the world,’ you know? And so, that got me thinking about writing a song…about carrying messages from the world’s insanity out to this pure place.”

Regarding “As the World Turns,” Ann says, “[T]hat one’s about truthfulness, about our culture of liars, and just how we are glued to whatever news comes seeping out of the different platforms we have, and it’s so hard to sort out through all the really beautiful, well-intentioned, well-placed words what the real truth is.”

She points out that she was inspired to write that song while listening to and reading various media reports during the pandemic.

Wilson reveals that she’s been collaborating remotely with the members of her solo band on the tracks, and notes that “As the World Turns” is “just about done.”

She says, “[A]s soon as it’s mixed, I’m gonna figure out a way to put it out, ’cause I think it’s real relevant for now.”

Wilson also tells ABC Audio that she’s very disappointed about having to cancel her 2020 tour plans.

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