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Any way you listen, it’s music as cool now as it was then.


The NEW KIXI App.  It’s FREE!

Now wherever you are, wake up with KIXI Music Mornings.  Get Intelligence For Your Life with the John Tesh Radio Show Middays.  Let Dan Murphy help get you to the garage weekday Afternoons.  Enjoy the finest in Radio Theatre every evening.  All this and so much more, available anywhere, everywhere on your smartphone, table or other mobile device.  Download the FREE KIXI App from the iTunes App store or the Google Play store now!


KIXI Radio streaming online

You’ve got a computer. We’ve got a Web site.  Listen to KIXI Radio online!  Go to and click the “Listen Live” arrow just below “On Air Shows” on the Nav bar.  The Streaming player will open in a new tab.


KIXI Radio in HD

We are broadcasting in “HD” with our signal embedded in the FM signal of our sister station KRWM 106.9 FM.  The sound quality is amazing, and there’s no static or interference.  If you have an “HD” radio tune to 106.9 FM HD Channel 2 to receive the embedded digital signal.  If you get good Seattle FM reception, specifically 106.9-FM, you should be able to enjoy KIXI in HD. Get more information about HD radios at .


Want to listen “Old School”

There’s nothing quite like the warm, amplitude modulated sound of KIXI on the AM band at 880KHz.

Any way you listen, it’s music as cool now as it was then, and there’s nothing else like the unique sound of KIXI.