Here’s How to Activate Your Brain’s “Chill Out” Circuit


This tip stops freak-outs

How can you calm down when an issue arises and you start freaking out? Here’s how to activate your brain’s “chill out” circuit, according to neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg: 

  • First: Watch what comes out of your mouth.  M-R-I studies show positive words light up the brain’s reward system…… While complaints will activate the pain centers in your brain. 
  • Also Dr. Newberg says this tip is incredibly effective during a freak out.  Name your emotions.  Right now I’m feeling x or y. And then state why. And if you can, do it outloud.  Newberg says that will immediately reduce the intensity of your emotions. That’s because naming your emotions transfers brain activity from the emotional part of the brain – to the rational part of the brain. And the freakout will be neutralized.

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