How Long Should a Hug Last?


How long should a hug last? Psychologists at the University of London looked into it and they say a hug that’s intended to make someone feel better should last at least six seconds. That provides a more positive, long-lasting impact on the person receiving the hug compared to shorter ones. 

Hugs shorter than 5 seconds don’t give the same emotional benefit……and hugs over 10 seconds can feel awkward. 

So what are the benefits of a 6 second hug?

Basically, hugs are a great buffer against stress. And a hug needs to last six seconds for the happy chemicals, oxytocin and serotonin, to start flowing. Those are the chemicals that boost mood and promote bonding.

And studies show a direct link between how many hugs a person gives and receives per day, and their levels of positive emotions and less conflict. 

So, seek out and give 6-second hugs. It’ll start a chain reaction of feel-good brain chemicals for you and the person you’re hugging……and you’ll both have less stress and less conflict in your lives.

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