How to Make Better Financial Decisions


Think about where you make most of your important money decisions. Are you in an office building, several floors above the street……or are you at home, signing checks and paying bills on the GROUND floor?

According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, how you answer that question plays a role in how much control you have over your money.

Because we tend to make the SAFEST financial decisions when we’re on the ground floor……But the higher up we go, even just to the second floor of your house, the riskier your money moves get!

Psychologists say it’s because being higher up – whether you’re in a high-rise office building, or the 2nd floor of your home – gives your subconscious an elevated sense of power. So, if you need help sticking to a budget – or you just want to make better financial decisions – this new study makes it clear: Stay grounded, literally……and make your decisions on the ground floor.

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