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In court papers, Elton John's wife says she attempted suicide on their honeymoon

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As previously reported, Elton John’s ex-wife, Renate Blauel, is suing him for blabbing too much about their relationship in his memoir, Me, and his biopic, Rocketman.  But if she wanted privacy, she’s probably not too happy that the content of her court documents are splashed all over the British tabloids.

According to the Daily Mail, Blauel says that Elton should have known that mentioning their relationship would cause her mental health problems, given her previous struggles with depression and anxiety.  

Elton lawyers counter that he hasn’t breached their initial agreement, and that he didn’t know she had psychiatric issues.  But the Daily Mail reports that in court papers, Blauel’s lawyers say there’s proof that Elton knew her fragile mental health: Three days into their honeymoon in St. Tropez — which took place five or six months after their marriage in February 1984 — she attempted suicide by overdosing on Valium.

What’s more, Blauel claims her attempt was brought on by Elton telling her that their marriage wasn’t working, and ordering her to leave and return to England.  Following her overdose, she went to the hospital to have her stomach pumped, she says, and Elton never even visited her there.

Blauel also cites an alleged 1985 incident when she and Elton were hosting some members of the Royal Family in their home.  When Princess Margaret asked her a question, she reportedly freaked out and had to leave the room.

Since the release of Rocketman, her lawyers say that Blauel has “suffered recurring nightmares, agoraphobia, anxiety, depression, fear, and has had to relive her past constantly.”

Elton’s legal counsel told the Daily Mail, “We…find it baffling that this claim is centered around privacy, when at every stage of these proceedings Renate has chosen to file these claims in the public domain.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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