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In new doc, Janet Jackson says she and Justin Timberlake are “very good friends,” and have “moved on”

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Janet Jackson fans are still furious at Justin Timberlake for his role in the infamous 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction,” which led to her career taking a hit while he emerged relatively unscathed. But it turns out that Janet herself isn’t angry at Justin, so she’d like her fans to move on, just as she and Justin have.

As Access Hollywood reports, in the second half of Janet’s new Lifetime documentary that aired on Saturday night, we see a video that Janet filmed for fans, in which she says, “This whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Of course, it was an accident that should not have happened, but everyone is looking for someone to blame and that’s got to stop.”

She adds, “Justin and I are very good friends and we will always be very good friends. We spoke just a few days ago and he and I have moved on, and it is time for everyone else to do the same.” 

About a year ago, Justin issued an apology via Instagram to both Janet and his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears, in which he admitted that he’d “benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism.”

The documentary also reveals that in the aftermath of what’s now known as “Nipplegate,” Janet was “disinvited” from the Grammys, which led her then-boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, to resign from the board of the Recording Academy. In addition, Janet shares that Justin did offer to speak out on her behalf, but she told him not to. 

Finally, the doc reveals that Justin asked Janet to perform with him when he headlined the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2018.  She declined, saying that it would have been “stretching out the past, reliving something that happened over 10 years ago.”

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