Is Anybody Buying Makeup?

Is Anybody Buying Makeup?

When people started working from home – wearing makeup went out the window.

The result? According to the market research firm NPD Group, makeup sales went WAY down… And skincare product sales went UP, as people focused more on healthy-looking skin. And experts say that’s a shift that’ll continue for the time being, considering many employees are STILL working from home – PLUS, it’s awkward to wear makeup under a face mask. Foundation and lipstick can rub off on masks – and lipgloss can stick to them.

Add to that, makeup is what experts call a “high-touch” experience. People want to try before they buy. But that’ll go out the window as beauty stores re-open.

But all is not lost in the world of makeup. L'Oreal, is the world's largest beauty products company. And they’re still seeing strong demand for "work from home makeup.” And when wearing a mask, women want their eyes to pop. And Ulta Beauty, which has thousands of stores – many of which have re-opened, said eye makeup like mascara, false lashes and eyebrows products are hot sellers. Because the eyes will be what people use to express themselves while wearing a mask.