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John Fogerty sings backing vocals on new song by sons' band Hearty Har

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John Fogerty has contributed backing vocals to a new song called “Scream and Shout!” by Hearty Har, a band led by the former Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s sons Shane and Tyler.

The tune, which is available now for purchase digitally and via streaming services, is the first single from Hearty Har’s debut album, Radio Astro, due out on February 19, 2021.

A companion video for the song also has premiered at Hearty Har’s official YouTube channel. The clip features footage of the band performing in the woods, as well as a storyline featuring a young girl who takes an evening walk through a creepy forest pursued by a pink animated ooze, created by a mysterious character portrayed by one of the group’s members wearing a bird-like mask.

As the video progresses, a completely animated scene unfolds featuring the girl riding a white horse through the woods, which are filled with green goblin-like creatures.

“We both really like to record and be in the studio,” Tyler Fogerty says of collaborating with his brother. “We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and honing and learning how to use everything. Our whole thing is ‘Let’s just make good-sounding records and songs.”

Adds Shane, “I feel like we’re constantly chasing something new and something exciting, trying to find sounds and trying to expand what we’ve done so far and always trying to elevate it.”

Tyler and Shane Fogerty, along with their sister Kelsy, have taken part in their father’s recent “Fogerty’s Factory” performances that John has been posting on his YouTube channel. A selection of these performances, which feature the family members playing versions of CCR tunes and solo songs by John, will appear on the recently announced Fogerty’s Factory album, which is due out November 20.

By Matt Friedlander
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