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KISS’ Gene Simmons argues with fans who don’t believe face masks help curb the spread of the coronavirus

Kiss' Gene Simmons Argues With Fans Who Don't Believe Face Masks Help Curb The Spread Of The Coronavirus

Patricia Schlein/Star Max/GC ImagesKISSGene Simmons has taken to Twitter to promote the importance of wearing a face mask to help protect against the spread of the coronavirus, but he found resistance from some Twitter followers who don’t think the practice is necessary.

The discussion started Saturday after Simmons retweeted a photo of a teenage fan named Abby wearing a “KISS Army” bandana fashioned into a face mask, along with the comment, “Abby, you rock!”

One Twitter follower responded by tweeting, “Except those cloth masks don’t keep you safe[.] [O]nly a medical mask does and a good one at that.”

Simmons shot back, “You are incorrect and misinformed. The idea of cloth masks or any other kind of mask, is not to protect you. It’s to protect everybody else around you in case you cough or talk.”

When another follower tweeted, “Face covers don’t prevent the spread of viruses. It’s more of a psychological thing. It’s social pressuring. You are disrespectful if you don’t cover your face. It’s nonsense,” Gene responded, “I wish you good health, despite your point of view. Please wear a mask, to prevent your cough, sneeze or other, from infecting people. Be safe, not sorry.”

Yet another follower complained, “Sorry Gene, some of us don’t have the luxury of mansions, and have to go to work.” This prompted Simmons to write, “This has nothing to do with mansions. Cut it out. Just wear masks, to prevent other people from getting whatever it is you may have. And stop the blame game. This affects everyone of us.”

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Meanwhile, a new line of official KISS face masks can be pre-ordered now at the band’s online store, with all proceeds raised going to Live Nation’s Global Relief Fund for Live Music Crews.

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