KIXI Radio Theatre – NEW Line Up

slide_radio_theatre_2012New shows and continuing favorites.
Every night enjoy the finest classic and contemporary Radio Theatre. Monday – Friday from 8pm – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8pm, – Midnight.   What’s on Tonight?


Saturday from 8pm – 9pm
Encore broadcast Tuesday from 8pm – 9pm

Radio’s outstanding Theatre of Thrills, inspired by the classic series that ran for 20 years comes to KIXI.  The revival of Suspense has become one of the world’s most popular radio dramas.  With all new stories and an eclectic group of Hollywood actors, a whole new story every episode, and two episodes each week. Tales well-calculated to keep you in…SUSPENSE!

Sunday from 8pm – 9pm
Encore broadcast Thursday from 8pm – 9pm

The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
An award winning radio drama production company based out of Boston, Massachusetts.  They have produced over 600 audio drama productions, including collaborations with such authors as Ray Bradbury, William Luce, and Star Trek legend Walter Keonig. Other productions include Perry Mason, Zorro, The War of the Worlds, and two popular series, Ticonderoga, and Powder River.

Every week The Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air brings you a variety of contemporary Radio Theatre entertainment.

First Sunday of the month: Action and Adventure
Second Sunday of the month: Mystery
Third Sunday of the month: Drama
Fourth Sunday of the month: Comedy / Family

twilight-zone_1Saturday and Sunday from 9pm – 10pm
The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas
You’re traveling to another dimension… in entertainment.  The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas brings you the original 1960s Rod Serling scripts produced with today’s big stars at the microphones.  New episodes are being written too.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10pm – Midnight
When Radio Was
Classic stars like Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Burns & Allen, and the classic shows like the Shadow, Fibber McGee & Molly, and Inner Sanctum.