slide_radio_theatre_2012Every night enjoy the finest in Radio Theatre. Monday – Friday from 8pm – 9pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8pm, – Midnight.  An entertaining mix of classic and contemporary programs.

 What’s on Tonight?

Imagination Theatre Marquee_EDITSaturday and Sunday from 8pm – 9pm.  Encore broadcast of the Saturday show Tuesday from 8pm – 9pm, and an encore broadcast of the Sunday show Thursday from 8pm – 9pm.

Imagination Theatre the leading edge in contemporary Radio Drama. with more than 1,000 episodes.  Follow the adventures of Harry Nile, Seattle’s favorite fictional fifties-era private detective.  Enjoy the adventures of the Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes.  Enter the world of the weird and supernatural with Kincaid the Strangeseeker.  These are just a few of the wonderful characters you’ll meet when you turn on the radio, and turn up your imagination.

twilight-zone_1Saturday and Sunday from 9pm – 10pm.

You’re traveling to another dimension… in entertainment.  The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas brings you the original 1960s Rod Serling scripts produced with today’s big stars.  New episodes are being written too. when_radio_was_0 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8pm – 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10pm – Midnight.

When Radio Was brings you the classic stars like Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Burns & Allen, and the classic shows like the Shadow, Fibber McGee & Molly, and Inner Sanctum.