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Kristen Bell shares relatable photo about what it’s like homeschooling two young kids

Kristen Bell shares relatable photo about what it's like homeschooling two young kids

ABC/Paula Lobo(LOS ANGELES) — With schools across the nation closed for the rest of the year due to COVID-19, parents are staring down the reality that they’re in charge of their child’s education until classes resume in the fall.  Kristen Bell openly admits that homeschooling two young girls is anything but a piece of cake.

On Tuesday, The Good Place actress seemingly posted a cry for help by showing how her kids — 5-year-old Delta and 7-year-old Lincoln — have commandeered their daily learning lessons.  

Homeschool’s going okay,” she jokingly captioned the photo of her attempting to keep her kids focused on their school work.  A laptop, large pink binder and worksheet are situated neatly on the table, but it appears her kids’ are focusing their attention on everything but their homework.

The exhausted 39-year-old stares pathetically at the camera as one of her daughters sits perched on her shoulders for a piggy-back-ride while the other seems to be more interested in the small white dog cuddled on mom’s lap.

Bell even helpfully labelled the photo, identifying her daughters as “offspring” and the pet on her lap as “dog.”

It also should be noted that next to Bell is a large and almost-empty coffee cup while, at the other end of the table, sits her daughters’ half-eaten lunches.

Of course, fans and famous friends were quick to empathize and shared personal stories about how they’re trying to wrangle their own children.

This isn’t the first time the Frozen 2 star opened up about the challenges of quarantining with family.  She previously detailed how COVID-19 has been testing her marriage with husband Dax Shepard and admitted in an April interview that they’ve “been at each other’s throats” due to being around each other 24/7.

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