Latest Financial Trend You Shouldn’t Miss


I want to tell you about the latest financial trend. These days, the WAY people are spending their money is becoming more intentional, and is more of a  reflection of their priorities and values…… 

So, the trend now is on things that improve our lives, relationships and mental health in some way. 

For example:

  • A new Charles Schwab survey shows 40% of adults plan to spend more money on travel. People want to take vacations that offer new experiences and memories that’ll last a lifetime.  
  • 1-in-3 people also want to focus on socializing……And want to spend on meals with friends and family to support that priority. 
  • And one in 5 people want to throw more dinner parties.
  • As financial coach Ana Ribeiro puts it, “what we are seeing now are more and more examples of “intentional” spending that aligns with a person’s values, and are intended to increase personal development.

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