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Mariah Carey reflects on singing "When You Believe" with Whitney Houston

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Mariah Carey is dispelling the rumors once and for all concerning her supposed rivalry with the late Whitney Houston.

Speaking to supermodel Naomi Campbell Tuesday on No Filter, the “Fantasy” singer touched upon the time she and Houston lent their voices to The Prince of Egypt soundtrack.  Their duet, “When You Believe,” went on to win the 1999 Academy Award for Best Song.

22 years after hitting the recording studio together, Carey happily discussed just how well she got on with the “Greatest Love of All” singer.

“She and I had the best time,” she attested. “People didn’t expect us to get along.”

The 50-year-old singer says those who thought the two personalities would clash “didn’t know me.”

Continued Mariah, “Anyone who knew us both was like, ‘Oh they’re gonna totally get along,'” which is exactly what happened.

“I really appreciate her giving her spirit and her giving of herself with me because she didn’t have to be like that,” The multi-Grammy Award winner shared. “She was there before me and I totally get who she was and what she meant to this world.”

Carey went onto reveal the last time she and Houston saw each other, which was at a party thrown by Prince Azim of Brunei.

In the singer’s memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which came out in September, Carey claims that “everybody wanted to pit us against each other in some ‘battle of the divas.'”

Calling the tactic a “tired but pervasive pathology in music and Hollywood that makes women compete for sales like emotional UFC fighters,” the singer clarified that the two “developed a real fondness for each other.”

“I’ll always cherish the memory of that time and of all that she left behind,” she added, calling their time together “pure fun.”

By Megan Stone
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