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Mick at the Movies: Jagger crime thriller returning to theaters in August

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The film The Burnt Orange Heresy, which features Mick Jagger in his first movie role in nearly 20 years, originally came out in March, right before the COVID-19 pandemic shut movie theaters down. Perhaps because it didn’t have the chance to make much of an impact the first time around, the movie is returning to theaters on August 7.

In the movie, the Rolling Stones singer portrays Joseph Cassidy, a wealthy British art dealer. Intrigue ensues when Cassidy invites an art critic to his estate on Italy’s Lake Como and asks the critic to steal him a painting by the famous and reclusive artist Jerome Debney, played by Donald Sutherland.

When the movie first came out, Jagger told USA Today that the reason he’d waited so long between film roles was due to “laziness” on his part, and “not getting a decent script.”

While Mick isn’t on screen a lot in the film, he told USA Today that he was intrigued by how his character is able to talk the art critic into doing his bidding.

“I thought, ‘I can do something with this,’ even though there’s not a lot of screen time,” Jagger said. His character “threatens and cajoles [the guy] into doing something to get what he wants, which is a picture. He’s a very manipulative person and does it for his own collecting habits.” 

By Andrea Dresdale
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