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Mick Jagger shows how to be productive while quarantining in comic ‘Tonight Show’ segment

Mick Jagger shows how to be productive while quarantining in comic 'Tonight Show' segment

Daniele Venturelli/WireImageMick Jagger made a surprise appearance on Monday night’s episode of NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when he was featured in a pre-recorded fake BBC public service announcement, demonstrating how to be useful while quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To set up the comic video, host Jimmy Fallon notes, “This pandemic is affecting everyone across the globe. Check out this thing I saw earlier today on BBC.”

The clip, which has the feel of an old newsreel segment, begins with the Rolling Stones singer sitting in a chair, lazily strumming an acoustic guitar, while the PSA’s narrator tells him to “put that down and do something useful.”

The rock legend then proceeds to do just that, engaging in such chores as mending a broken door, working on his car, chopping some vegetables for a meal and taking some sheep for a walk in a field.

As the video goes on, we see Mick pulling up an onion from his garden and pruning a rose bush. When he stops to take a cigarette break, the narrator interrupts him and tells him, “Lights out, it’s gym time!” Jagger then put out his smoke and does some jumping jacks.

As the clip comes to an end, Jagger is shown back in his chair, reading a newspaper with a cat in his lap, as the narrator declares, “Even the cat’s impressed with a good job well done. Cheerio, and bye for now!”

On a more serious note, the video was presented to encourage people to donate to the Save the Children organization in support of the charity’s efforts to protect children in various at-risk environments during the pandemic.

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