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Micky Dolenz says his concerts with The Rascals’ Felix Cavaliere are like “two shows for the price of one”

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This spring, The MonkeesMicky Dolenz and The RascalsFelix Cavaliere have teamed up for several joint U.S. concerts dubbed “Legends Live!,” and the famous singers have two more co-headlining shows scheduled this week — on Friday in New York City and Saturday in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Dolenz tells ABC Audio that the shows with Cavaliere have been a great experience for him, as well as being a treat for music fans.

“Felix and I go back a while. He’s an incredible guy. His band is great. Everybody is so much fun,” Micky notes. “[H]e has so many huge hits. I am blessed to have had a number of big hits. And so it’s like two headliners. You’re kind of getting two shows for the price of one, if you will.”

Dolenz says he’s “a huge fan” of The Rascals, and loves all of the group’s big hits, including “Groovin’,” “Good Lovin'” and “Beautiful Morning.”

“You know, I sit in the wings…and watch part of his set every night, ’cause there’s so many great songs,” Micky reveals.

As for his own set, Dolenz tells ABC Audio he always performs all of The Monkees’ biggest hits.

“I know that the vast majority of fans and people that maybe don’t come to every single show, they want to hear those hits,” Micky notes.

This year marks the first time Dolenz has hit the road as the only surviving member of The Monkees, as Michael Nesmith sadly passed away last December just a few weeks after he and Micky finished a farewell tour together.

Asked how he feels about being the last Monkee, Dolenz says, “It’s strange…I don’t think I’ve probably completely processed it yet, ’cause it is quite recent.”

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