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Morris Day says he really let his "veil down" in his upcoming episode of TV One's 'Unsung'

Courtesy of TV One

Funk legend and The Time frontman Morris Day is ready for the world to know his story.

Ahead of his Unsung episode on TV One, Day tells ABC Audio that opening up about his decades-old relationship with Prince, his struggle with drug addiction, and even his tumultuous upbringing were all things he wanted to address.

“I just went ahead and put it out there because, what people need to understand is behind every celebrity — if you will — there’s a real story,” he says. “There’s real life.”

“And if you can’t understand that — that people have a real life — then you might be shocked,” Day continues. “But if you understand the concept of your own life and your drama — then you won’t be shocked. You’ll just get to understand and realize what my story is.”

In the episode, fans will learn about Day’s early beginning as an artist, his sometimes strained relationship with Prince, and even his more recent ventures which include working with Snoop Dogg and touring with his band The Time.

“What you’re going to take away from this is that Morris Day has a real life besides doing ‘The Bird’ and besides being the character that people want to see,” Day says. “A lot of times people are disappointed if I don’t slide in the room doing ‘The Bird,’ and being obnoxious.”

“I’m capable of doing that,” he reassures. “I do that. But what people are going to take away from this is aside from that, there’s a real life [and] a real person behind it.”

“And, for once… I’m kind of letting that veil down,” Day adds.

TV One’s Unsung, featuring Morris Day, premieres Sunday, March 21, at 9 p.m. ET.

By Candice Williams
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