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Neil Young explains why he sold his publishing catalog

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(Note Language) Neil Young is one of the many artists who in recent years have sold the publishing rights to their catalog, and for him, doing so was a no brainer. 

“I wanted to sell my songs because I don’t have to worry about a f****** thing now,” he tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. I’ve got the end of my life to go out doing exactly what it is I want to do and not doing what I don’t want to do.”

Neil adds, “That’s the way I feel about it. I don’t have to go on a tour if I don’t want to go on a tour.”

But even with the sale, Neil insists he doesn’t want to hear his music “associated with a product or with a movement or with a politician or with a sport or with anything,” adding, “I like the songs to be the songs.”

And fans shouldn’t think the sale means Neil’s about to stop making music. “It’s what I have to do. I want to do this,” he says. “That’s why there’s 51, 52 albums because I want to do this and I can still feel it. I’d be crazy to stop.”

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