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Neil Young heads to his barnyard for fifth “Fireside Sessions” performance

Neil Young heads to his barnyard for fifth "Fireside Sessions" performance

Credit: dhlovelifeNeil Young has posted the fifth installment of his ongoing “Fireside Sessions” performance videos in the “Hearse Theater” section of his Neil Young Archives website. This episode has been dubbed the “Barnyard Edition” because, well, the folk-rock legend delivers it from his barnyard.

As the new video begins, we see an alpaca and a horse outside a barn before the scene switches to Young strumming a ukulele in a barn doorway, playing his 2014 tune, “Tumbleweed.”

For most of the rest of the 28-minute clip, Neil is featured playing acoustic guitar outside of his barn, surrounded by an audience of chickens and ducks.

His next song is the title track to his upcoming archival album, Homegrown, a collection of unreleased acoustic tunes recorded in 1974 and ’75 that’s scheduled for a June 19 release.

Young continues to entertain the birds with an instrumental tune, before playing two songs from his classic 1972 album Harvest — the title track and “Old Man.”

As with all of the previous “Fireside Sessions,” this episode includes a mock commercial for water, the series “sponsor,” the latest one featuring ducks bathing in a watering trough.

Neil’s mini-concert for the birds continues with a rendition of the title track of his second album, 1969’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. The “Barnyard Edition” of Young’s session ends with Neil back in the barn doorway, performing his 1992 song, “War of Man.”

You can still watch the first four “Fireside Sessions” episodes on a separate page of the Neil Young Archives website.

As previously noted, all of the videos have featured Young playing solo renditions of various songs from his back catalog at his residence in the Rocky Mountains, shot and edited by his wife, actress Daryl Hannah.

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