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Paul McCartney claims he doesn’t need glasses thanks to “eye yoga”

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Paul McCartney once sang “You Won’t See Me,” but he WILL see YOU — because at age 78, he still doesn’t wear glasses.  Why not? Eye yoga. That’s right: eye yoga.

Paul and his daughter Mary McCartney appear on the latest episode of the podcast Table Manners, hosted by British singer Jessie Ware.  During the discussion, Mary mentions that her dad doesn’t need glasses, and reveals that if you Google “Paul McCartney eye yoga,” you can actually find a video of the ex-Beatle demonstrating it.

Ware demanded that Paul explain this to her, which he was happy to do.

“I learned off some yogi in India…he explained that your eyes are muscles, whereas your ears aren’t so you can’t exercise your ears, but your eyes, you can,” he said. 

He also clarified that he didn’t learn this during the Beatles’ famous trip to India in the sixties — it was during a more recent trip there.

Paul then led Jessie through the exercises, which basically consists of looking up, down and to the middle, left and right, sideways, diagonal, far away and close, for three reps each.

He swears that not only has this practice prevented him from needing glasses, but he taught it to a friend’s daughter who was going to go get glasses, and she ended up not needing them for quite a few years after that. “It really improved her eyesight,” Paul claimed.

“It’s good stuff! It makes sense, if they are muscles,” he added. “It’s a good idea.”

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