Topics from the ridiculous to the sublime await listeners of Don’t Ask Me to Talk with Stacy Heller. Stacy and co-host Eric chat about what’s good; from which movies and shows to watch, music to explore or rediscover, books and podcasts to binge or places to visit, and more. They’ll share and discuss what they know and what they don’t.

Latest Episodes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

It’s a big day for celebrating; Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, White Wine Day, IPA Day and a lot of birthdays worth celebrating. This leads Stacy and Eric to search who shares their birthdays. Next, they explore the topic of “artists.” Exploring questions such as, what makes an artist notable or “textbook-worthy over time?” What makes an artist “good?” What’s the impact of social media on today’s artists, and what makes us connect with certain artists? It’s an interesting conversation about art appreciation. Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s and Nourish Catering is back on the show; he shares that what we’re eating is pesto and even shares his recipe! Go to for menus and more. Next week; favorite feel-good story.

Chocolate Chili Dog Day

Stacy and Eric agree chili dogs in summer seem wrong, chocolate milk seems right, soccer seems like a lot of work, and Buffalo Soldiers seemed like good guys. Their similarities end there this week when talking about video games, arcade, classic consoles and ones available as apps. While Eric spent free time as a preteen trying to get five bucks from his dad to blow at the arcade, Stacy missed out completely only playing occasionally. They chat about how addictive games can be and share what they play now; ironically Stacy now plays way more games than Eric. Since Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s and Nourish Catering is playing real life Deli Dash, Stacy and Eric sub for Vance and talk about what’s good from Dingfelder’s and Nourish (spoiler: ALL of it). Go to for menus and more. Next week; favorite fine artists.

Invite An Alien To Live With You Day

Stacy and Eric celebrate the absurdity of national holidays like Invite an Alien to Live with You Day and Take a Monkey to Lunch Day; the latter introducing Stacy to Lancelot Link. Their conversation about podcasts runs the gamut from humor and history to music and murder; take notes and check out their recommendations. Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering calls in while working the deli counter; they dissect various orders and talk about his classic tuna sandwich. Eric also debuts Vance’s musical intro as Lord of the Sandwich. Go to for the skinny on “The Meat.” Next time, Stacy and Eric talk about their favorite video games/apps.

Grand Mariner Day

Stacy and Eric celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day, Nude Day and Grand Mariner Day; naturally they go on multiple tangents which include MF Doom’s recipe for mac cheese and the recipe for Stacy’s “fruit crack.” Their convo about classic TV spans from I Love Lucy to Better Call Saul and includes The Simpson’s, Seinfeld and Scooby Do; they mention shows faster than you can change the channel! Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering explains to Eric what Grand Mariner is and shares his recipe for stunning chocolate dipped strawberries. He also shares the trio of salads that rivals his title of Earl of Sandwich. Go to for “The Meat.” Next time, Stacy and Eric talk about their favorite podcasts.

International Peace & Love Day

With a quick follow upon Travis Barker of Blink-182, Stacy and Eric continue their tradition of discussing random holidays like Tell the Truth Day and World Chocolate Day. They conclude both should be every day. They segue into talking about classic family games like Monopoly and Life and reminisce about playing them as kids (which apparently Stacy still is since she continues to play board games). Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen takes a break from “the meat” to chat and a conversation about his corned beef hash ensues. To try that and more, check out the menu at Next time, Stacy and Eric talk about classic TV shows like Friends.

Blink 182 Day

Named to annoy Eric, in this episode Stacy shares that Blink 182 Day is during Watermelon Seed Spitting Week, both holidays they agree are lame. June 30th is also Social Media Day which aligns perfectly with their topic for the program being “Social.” Eric and Stacy chat about what is means to be social in 2022 versus, how it’s changed over time and also remained the same. They also share their idea of being social (which may include ice cream). Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen remembers to talk about his AMAZING smoked salmon and even shares his brine recipe with listeners or just go to and let them do the heavy lifting! Next week, Stacy and Eric talk classic “family” games. Sorry!

National Pink Day

Stacy coincidently wears pink for National Pink Day; she and Eric also talk National Hydration Day and National Typewriter Day (someone tell Tom Hanks stat!). Pamela Forgrieve of Michael Bruce Image Consulting joins the program to talk fashion; she shares the difference between fashion, trend, and style and answers a few questions about trends for the summer 2022. Listen to Wisdom from the Wardrobe with Pamela, Stacy, and the rest of the team Mondays at noon on KKNW or go to for their podcast. Vance of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen talks cold salads while navigating traffic in Seattle leaving everyone hungry in his wake. Next week, Stacy and Eric talk “social,” whatever that means.

National Pop Goes the Weasel Day

This week between COVID-brain and her usual ADHD, Stacy is a mess so Eric attempts to right the ship. They talk about National Pop Goes the Weasel Day a very random children’s nursery rhyme with origins in the UK, among other random “holidays.” They dive into their weekly topic, this time touching on the apps they like and use most on their phones. From Stacy’s random choice of Akinator to Eric’s more useful suggestion of GuitarTuna, they cover the gamut. Vance Dingfelder joins Stacy and Eric in the studio bearing gifts of deli and ideas for Father’s Day. Next week they talk fashion.

Operation Teddy Bear Lift

Stacy and Eric can’t agree which day is most random; National Strawberry Rhubarb Day, Donald Duck Day or Sex Day. They can agree International Children’s Day is worth talking about and welcome Erik Krema, Director of Biz Dev. for Hubbard Radio Seattle, to talk about Operation Teddy Bear Lift. It’s an initiative to bring comfort and care in the form of teddy bears and cash for medical supplies to children in Ukraine. To donate go to They explore some favorite local hikes before inviting Dingfelder Delicatessen’s No. 1 fan, Dr. Richard Alder to talk about his picks at the deli. To try for yourself, go to

National Rotisserie Chicken Day

As Stacy and Eric continue to figure out the most memorable version of the call-in number so listeners will engage, they’re joined by Stacy’s friend – author, transformational life coach, and performer in her own right, Cherry Boone O’Neill. The trio discuss dentists (Cherry fell asleep during root canal!?!), rotisserie chicken and whether Julia Roberts and Queen Elizabeth are in fact the same person. As an avid movie connoisseur, Cherry is the perfect guest to talk about the movies as Eric says, she’s “Cherry picked” for us to watch. Her perspective is enlightening, and her opinion is informed. Speaking of informed, Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s calls in to talk about his Kosher rotisserie chicken and his selection of delish sandwiches. Per usual the shows ends with Stacy, Eric and Cherry hungry and a little disgruntled since next week’s topic is local hikes (hopefully listeners will have something to say).