Topics from the ridiculous to the sublime await listeners of Don’t Ask Me to Talk with Stacy Heller. Stacy and co-host Eric chat about what’s good; from which movies and shows to watch, music to explore or rediscover, books and podcasts to binge or places to visit, and more. They’ll share and discuss what they know and what they don’t.

Latest Episodes

Put Him on My Christmas Tree

Stacy and Eric get off topic earlier than usual this time talking about random topics like holiday skits from SNL, the holiday and song “celebrating” Short People, and a childhood mixed tape Eric listened to featuring a band from Belguim. They share their secret talents; like Eric’s ability to find free-parking and Stacy’s ability to lie without remorse (mostly). Vance Dingfelder chats about Hanukkah and the holidays with his head chef Farrah; reflecting on the challenges and blessings of 8 Crazy Nights. Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Number of States We’ve Visited

DAMTT Ball/Bell

Stacy gets so excited about hearing from a listener that she starts the show sharing their feedback; she also gives Eric a present which is a callback from the episode, “O. Henry! Those Were Great Gifts!” Stacy and Eric talk about more Ridiculous Holidaze including Cat Herder’s Day before getting into their topic for the week, weird holiday songs. Once again Eric out-odds Stacy, sharing unique holiday tunes worthy of the Spotify playlist, DAMTT Ball. Vance Dingfelder continues to talk about Hanukkah foods with the enthusiasm Vance has become famous for exuding. There’s always time to try Dingfelder’s! Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Our Secret Talents

O. Henry! Those Were Great Gifts!

It’s National Lard Day which is not nearly as exciting as National Brownie Day (which are frankly better from a box). Speaking of boxes, Stacy and Eric talk about some of the gifts they’ve unwrapped over the years, favorites like the gift of wings (a car), and the lasting memories of experiences (like Broadway shows). Vance Dingfelder talks about classic Hanukkah foods like latkes, matzo ball soup, and sufganiyot. Jelly? Do-nut be. Get some at Dingfelder’s! Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Weird Holiday Songs

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

A week after Thanksgiving and Eric is still sleepy from the tryptophan. Luckily there are other holidaze to perk him up such as National Cookie Cutter and Peppermint Bark Day. Their game of Two Truths and a Lie starts right out of the gate when Stacy confesses her name isn’t Stacy Heller. From there Eric and Stacy guess whether various scenarios from their lives are fact or fiction; like did Eric have a pet pigeon? Did Stacy go to prom with Superman’s relative? Vance Dingfelder talks about “lox-schmear” and salmon in his typical circuitous fashion. And did I mention the pastrami bacon?? Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Favorite Gift EVER

The 5 Ingredients for a Happy Thanksgiving

1. An attitude of gratitude 2. Quality time with family, or friends who are like family, like Stacy and Eric for instance. 3. Conversation starters like, “Which breed should win the National Dog Show? And Did D.B. Cooper survive his jump from the plane?” 4. Vance Dingfelder’s specialty, food! Whether turkey from Butterball, pastrami from Dingfelder’s Delicatessen or Ahi Poke Spoons from Nourish Catering. 5. Something sweet, like Eric’s mom calling in to share her French Coconut Pie!! Get the recipe on Instagram @stacytalks. Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Two Truths & a Lie

French Coconut Pie

Single crust –

1 cup sugar
3 eggs
½ buttermilk
1 stick butter melted
2 tbsp flour
1 ½ vanilla
1 ½ – 2 cups coconut
Mix dry ingredients.
Mix it all, add dry ingredients. Finally add coconut
Put in crust (add mini chocolate chips to bottom)
Bake at 325 for about an hour until almost set.

Hey Eric’s Mom, Will You Share Your Coconut Pie Recipe?

Do you know who you probably won’t need to unfriend on National Unfriend Day? Reuben – he’s not just a sandwich, he’s a rare bird in the wild. Speaking of birds, Stacy and Eric talk about favorite holiday foods which includes turkey for both. They agree tradition and memories influence which holiday foods are best; however, they disagree on ambrosia. Vance Dingfelder, the Deli Dude from Dingfelder’s Delicatessen, goes off on a tasty tangent per usual leaving Stacy and Eric more hungry than usual. Go to or for menus and more. Next time: 5 Ingredient Recipes

Super Grover!

Sesame Street aired its first episode on November 10, 1969, unleashing on the world the likes of Oscar, Big Bird and our favorite, Grover. Eric points out that Stacy’s imaginary friend may have just been her talking to herself, sending Stacy either back to therapy or in search of a vanilla cupcakes. On today’s program they share favorite YouTube Channels; between Stacy and Eric’s diverse interests, an interesting assortment is curated. Vance Dingfelder, or Lord of the Sandwich (at least at Dingfelder’s Delicatessen) joins the call and talks about his kaiser rolls and tuna; a conversation that almost saw Vance jump through the phone to smack Eric! Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Best Holiday Food

PS We Love Hating On You

See what happens when you make assumptions?! Turns out Eric doesn’t drink beer so International Stout Day is lost on him. However, he is down with Give People a Dollar Day. After more edutaining content, Stacy and Eric discuss the cliché that is the pumpkin spice craze. While Eric is very PC and anti-rage with regards to hating on PSL fans; Stacy is less PC and generally just doesn’t get it especially as ramen noodles?! The conversation turns to National Sandwich Day with the Lord of the Sandwich, Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen. Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Fav YouTube channels

First Date and Tongue

Eric started it! Suggesting he can be cranky provides the ideal segway into one of today’s holidaze, Cranky Co-Worker Day. Between that and the other holidaze they discuss, it’s a very Eric day. Their topic this week is first dates; clearly Stacy has romantic notions and a high bar for what’s considered a “first date” whereas Eric is far more realistic and relatable. Conversation turns to good locations for good first dates leading to a chat with Vance Dingfelder. Who doesn’t want to have Dingfelder’s pumpkin cheesecake on a first date!?! Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Pumpkin Spice…


Is your brain full of useless information too? It’s International Information Overload Day, and luckily much of what Stacy and Eric talk about doesn’t need to be recalled; although it can be helpful! Their topic for this episode is Halloween Costumes. They share some of their best and worst costumes through the years; Eric as Clark Kent starting to transform into Superman! Stacy as Velma because she unironically was dressed like her already! Memories and ideas abound. “Souper Man” Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering talks about Grandma’s Matzo Ball Soup made with Kosher chicken and love as well as his other delish soups perfect for fall! Go to or for menus and more. Next time: First Date