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Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis

Robin invites her guests to share intimate stories of loving and losing, be it a person, a relationship, a beloved pet, a precious life component like mobility or employment, health, or anything else important. Learn about the impact of love on loss, and loss on love, and how we can all learn, grow, and move on after powerful life-altering events.

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CJ Obray- Second Chances, Lessons Learned, and Mystical Messages

Robin’s book editor, CJ Obray, lost her close family connections when she married as a young woman. After her divorce many years later, she was determined not to waste the second chance she had been given to renew her relationship with her parents. Telephone, email, text messaging, and frequent long road trips provided opportunities for them all to share their daily lives even when they were separated by several states and hundreds of miles. When her father fell seriously ill, though, medical equipment and loss of motor function interfered with his ability to speak, so he found another way to communicate with CJ and her mother. The method he chose changed everything. Both of CJ’s parents have now passed away, but their communication with her has not stopped. In this episode, CJ courageously shares her experience with love and loss and what she learned about listening carefully when all other options are taken away.
If you would like to communicate with CJ, you may reach her by emailing to her attention at
A follow-up note from CJ: After recording this interview, my father let me know that it is a dream come true for him to be able to share how he learned to communicate effectively despite seemingly insurmountable physical barriers.
Thank you, Robin, for providing this opportunity to honor my father and share his message. Mom says it’s her turn next!
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Karen Berzanski – Loving Life & Then Almost Losing Your Life When You Get Hit By A Car

Our brave guest for this episode of, “Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis”, is Karen Berzanski. Karen is a Certified Life Coach and Pro EFT™ Tapping Coach who helps women bust through their money blocks so they can start earning, expecting and enjoying more. Karen found Tapping after being hit and run over by a car in 2008. Not only did it help her heal from post traumatic stress and chronic physical pain, but it gave her the confidence to move across the country, start her own business and eliminate nearly $13k in debt – without deprivation. She’s now committed to helping others re-define their relationship with money, so they can overcome the patriarchal, generational and gender-based programming holding them back from making, being and enjoying MORE. You can sign up for her free Money Mindset Training at

This is what Karen Berzanski said about being a guest on, “Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis”,

“It was such a delight to be on the podcast! Robin created such a beautiful and welcoming space for me to share my story. I’m honored to be a part of the healing series she’s created and know it will be a gift to so many people.”

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Shiela Baker – Who Is The Queen Here?

Our next guest on, “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” is Shiela Baker. I have never met Shiela in person. I read her story on a social media platform. I read about how Shiela’s husband left her for a queen and what she did about it. I read about how she quit her soul-sucking psychotherapy day job. When I read about Shiela in her own words, I intuited that Shiela Baker was clearly a person willing to love herself and willing to make life changes both personally and professionally to be happier! I immediately messaged her and asked her to be a guest on our show. I wanted to know, and I am certain that you want to know too,

“Shiela, what is your secret to having that emotional courage?”

Shiela Baker calls herself, “ShamanWeaver.” After interviewing her I see why. She literally does take concepts and weave them into her own unique style of experiencing life. Shiela was born with metaphysical gifts. She had a near death experience at 5 which continued to awaken her to her authentic uniqueness. As a Psych Nurse in Canada in the late ‘60s Shiela explored how you can tap into your powerful brain to create your life. With a Master’s degree in Dance Movement Therapy, as a Children and Family Therapist, a Children’s Mental Health Specialist and a Certified Yoga instructor
Shiela is very adept at combining medicine, psychology and shamanism for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Shiela Baker, known as the ShamanWeaver, also loves using her Wiccan Training as a foundation for potent transformational healing. ShamanWeaver teaches this in her Dream Queen Program. This program helps women to heal their hearts and to build the confidence they need to succeed in love and romance, finances and business. In other words, Shiela helps women in all of life. She can be reached at

Artful Ashes-Planning ahead for Loss of a Loved One

Robin Alexis was inspired to create her new radio show/podcast, “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” as a result of her personal and professional exposure to loss and all the ways that it can express itself.

Robin is a psychic medium, and regularly works with people who have lost loved ones. In addition, Robin has had multiple tragic personal experiences with loss. Robin lost one baby from two different sets of twins. The first loss occurred when Robin was only 23 years old. She was violently physically attacked when she was 28th weeks pregnant with her first set of twins. The attack resulted in early labor and her babies’ premature birth.

After weeks in the hospital, Robin returned home, barely able to walk or function on her own. Her tiny daughters were both alive and remained in the Intensive Care Nursery. This made her mother’s heart ache. Robin would just stare at the two cribs she had prepared for her babies and weep.

During her pregnancy it never once occurred to Robin that she or her babies could die. It wasn’t even remotely on her radar. The doctors had assured her that both her babies would be going home healthy and happy. Nevertheless, a few days after Robin was released from the hospital, one of her babies died of sepsis. Very shortly after her baby’s death, Robin was rushed back to the hospital herself, critically ill. She hovered between life and death in the hospital for over a month.

Robin was so ill that she didn’t have the ability to think about things like what would happen with the body of her deceased infant, or what to do about funeral arrangements. This experience was unique in Robin’s life up to that time; she had no prior personal experience with traumatic death. No one from the hospital came to her hospital bed to discuss the reality of her daughter’s body being in the morgue at the hospital, or what to expect.

A few weeks later, after Robin had returned home once again, she heard a knock on the front door. The mailman was there to have her sign for a package she wasn’t expecting. Listen to episode #7 (28October2022) of the Sharing Love and Loss podcast to find out what was in that package.

When you listen to this episode, you will understand why Robin says that this conversation with founder and owner of Artful Ashes Greg Dale feels like redemption for her daughter who died.

Death of our bodies is an inevitability for all of us. We can choose to intentionally and consciously prepare for it to minimize feelings of regret after someone we love is gone. Robin hopes that this conversation gets you to choose to plan ahead mentally and spiritually.

One important way to prepare is to decide, or ask your loved ones to decide, how their body should be handled after they are gone. Do they wish to be interred, or cremated? If your loved one is a young child, or an incapacitated adult, do you need to make end of life decisions for them? Answering hard questions like these can take a toll, and it can be helpful to know ahead of time what your options are.

One option is to have the artists at Artful Ashes capture the essence of your loved one’s spirit in a swirl of color, sealed forever within attractively crafted glass art pieces.

What is Artful Ashes? It is Greg Dale’s Seattle-based company that helps you memorialize your loved ones peacefully.

Visit their website to view their sacred blown glass art.

Mark Romero-Love, Loss and Transformation into a Soul Driven Career

This episode of “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” addresses the importance of fatherhood and more. Robin and her guest Mark Romero are excited to have the fatherhood topic come up in their conversation. In the political news of late we have heard a lot about the subject of absentee fathers. What do sons learn from their fathers about what it means to be a “real adult”? Tune in as Mark Romero shares how he learned from his Dad and then differentiated from his Dad. Mark took the ultimate leap of faith and walked away from a multimillion dollar business and nineteen-year career to save his life and ultimately discover his passion, gifts and life purpose.

Like many of us, Mark was presented with a model of going to school and working up the corporate ladder in the search of more success and reward. Even with his great levels of accomplishment, Mark realized that he was anything but happy, healthy, content or fulfilled. Mark took the ultimate leap of faith and left his career to save his life, and to discover his purpose and passion.

A former top-consultant to NASA discovered that Mark’s music put listeners into a state of peak performance. Out of this discovery, emerged a revolutionary sound healing technology that is helping people from around the world heal their lives, awaken to new levels of empowerment, and tap into their creative power to compose the life of their dreams.

Today, Mark Romero is dedicated to assisting others realize higher levels of success, prosperity, fulfillment and meaning in their lives by presenting them with a powerful approach for creating long-lasting life empowerment and transformation. You can learn more about his music, group sessions and online courses at

Jon Allen – Loving And Tenderly Losing Our Mothers

Our guest on “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” today is a gentle and kind man known as Jon Allen. He shares his bittersweet relationship with his mother. He speaks to his first memories of her as a child. Then Jon takes us on the most sacred experiences of his life as he tenderly cares for his mother on her deathbed. This is a sharing of love and loss that is certain to open your heart.

Dr. Daniel Golshani – Making Aesthetic Goals A Reality

Our guest today on “Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis”, Friday, October 7, 2022 is Dr. Daniel Golshani. He is a board certified plastic surgeon who is committed to enhancing your natural beauty. With a focus on balance, harmony, and symmetry, he is passionate about making aesthetic goals a reality at his Beverly Hills practice. He is not only dedicated to your personal cosmetic beauty, but also to ensuring your health, safety, and comfort.

Why do we have Dr. Golshani as a guest on, “Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis”? Have you ever loved yourself enough to take the action of losing a look that you didn’t want to live with anymore? Do you dare to change your physical appearance as an act of self love and self care?

Dr. Goshini and his services can be found at

Danielle Sunberg – Loving And Losing A Pregnancy

Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Danielle Sunberg. Danielle is a former Big Law attorney who became a wellness entrepreneur and expert in the art of conscious living. She is the author of “Atlas of Being: From Briefcase to Backpack, One Former Lawyer’s Exploration of the Human Way,” which you can pre-order now on her website

On today’s show, Danielle shares her experience terminating her first pregnancy after learning the baby had inherited a rare genetic disorder. Danielle shares how she navigated grief and ultimately found peace through her enduring relationship with her baby.

Jen Mathews-Loving and Losing a Life Partner

Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Jen Mathews. This week’s topic is, “Loving and Losing a Life Partner.” Jen Mathews shares how to view death in a different light. Her website is

Parvati Markus – Loving And Losing A Saint

Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Parvati Markus. This week’s show topic is the shock of “Loving and Losing a Saint.” How does one find a living Saint? Once found, how do you cope when the Saint who showed you a glimpse of who you truly are actually dies?

Parvati Markus is the author of the book, “Whisper in the Heart: The Ongoing Presence of Neem Karoli Baba.” Learn more about Parvati Markus at