Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend's informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Latest Episodes

5/01/22 Part 1: WA Trails – Get out in nature and breathe the clean air, Support via www.wagives.org

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Jill Simmons CEO of Washington Trails Association gives a quick overview of the work being done by volunteers–creating and repairing trails; of the trainings provided for leadership so teachers and group leaders can take students out in the wilderness safely and with the right gear. There’s a gear lending library that makes that possible. Donations make a huge difference.


4/24/22: David Littschwager – An amazing undersea adventure: Octopus, Seahorse, Jellyfish

on Sunday Morning Magazine: David Littschwager has spent 12 years photographing octopuses, seahorses and jellyfish in more than 28 locations around the world—from Tasmania to Bonaire, the Florida Keys to the Solomon Islands, Portugal to Japan—equipped with his trusty 500-pound photo studio. One beautiful result is a new book from National Geographic “Octopus, Seahorse, Jellyfish” with extraordinary photos and essays from several National Geographic science writers. It’s an incredible look deep in the ocean where these creatures love to hide.

4/10/22: Dr. Jimmie Stewart – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be active.

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Dr. Jimmie Stewart is a family practice doc with Pacific Medical Centers. He underscores that for our good long-term health it’s important to have preventive care, regular screenings & strong doctor-patient relationships. Having relocated to Washington in the last few years Dr. Stewart is amazed by this area and all the opportunities for good, simple activity. He underscores the need for 150 minutes of activity per week.


4/03/22: Elaine Parke – Honor the planet each day in April and create a long lasting habit

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Elaine Parke author of ‘The Habits of Unity–12 Months to a Stronger America’ is with us to begin a new month with a new focus for creating unity, and it begins with just one, with ourself. April is designated “Take Care of Our Environment” which fits with Earth Day on Friday April 22. In the spirit of the power of one, April is a great month to plant a tree, whether in our yard, or in a green space, or create a flowering container on the deck. We know the precariousness of our planet, so we can find many ways to be a force of positive change.