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Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend's informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Latest Episodes

Jack Shriner from PacMed: Life can be a challenge for youth. Learn how to support, and where to find professional help.

Jack Shriner is the Lead Psychotherapist with PacMed here in the Puget Sound area, with 12 years of meeting with clients. He and other staff continue to do their critical work–virtually. This is important as mental health during this pandemic time, can potentially be more hidden when we are socially distancing. And it has the potential to be additionally stressful on our kids. Jack is dedicated to helping our youth, and families and has a more in depth article he’s written at the website–Is My Son Depressed or Just Lazy? It has excellent insights and tips for parents, teachers, and guardians.


Scott Turow–master of courtroom drama offers 'The Last Trial', great summertime reading

Scott Turow, best-selling author and attorney, launches book #11 in his legal thriller genre, The Last Trial. The title references his long time lead character in his last courtroom appearance. Lots of drama, lots of twists, and interesting pharmaceutical plot, which we might find relevant to the current search for a CoVID vaccine. Scott also provides interesting comments about our judicial system–incarceration, recidivism, education.


Invest in life and the future of our kids. WA529 is the way! Meet Luke Minor.

Luke Minor, Director of WA529, has the information about the 2 parts of our state prepaid tuition program: GET–which opened in 1998, and has had over 56,000 students access it to pay for part or all of their college tuition or expenses. The DreamAhead College Investment plan, launched in 2018 allows flexibility in the investment $$. Between the 2, families have good choices. The important thing to note is that when youth know that there are plans for their future education, they are more likely to pursue that path, Opening an account can also be like a gift ‘portal’ for other family and friends wanting to gift a student. Starting young is ideal, but it’s never too late. Enrollment for GET ends May 31. Lots of info on the website, and on Monday, May 18, 3pm, Luke cohosts an online Knowledge Cafe.


Inspiring & Important. Embrace 54! in the Virtual Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Talking about the “Virtual Walk to Cure Arthritis”. Together let’s do all we can to support research funding and educational and comfort resources for those living with arthritis and their family. The “Walk” is nationwide on Saturday, May 16, 1pm PT. Participate on their Facebook page. 54 is a ‘magic’ number, reflecting the creativity of the organizers in a unique time. 54 Million people suffer with this condition. Participate by walking 54 steps, taking 54 laps, etc., invite 54 friends to join you. And consider donating $54 dollars or multiples to support the work. Dr. Keith Elkon, the Medical Honoree, is involved in research at the UW and delivers an important message about the work being done, and all that needs to be done. Alicia Nelson is the Youth Honoree, a graduating HS Senior, who has lived with the condition for 11 years–she is an inspiring young woman. Steve Wright, Exec Director for the Arthritis Foundation shares the details of how we can all share in the success of the Walk to Cure Arthritis. www.facebook.com/arthritis.org www.arthritis.org

Dr. John Knutson, PacMed: Distinguish allergies from CoVID symptoms

Dr. John Knutson is a physician with PacMed and with his specialties being in the fields of Allergy and Immunology, he brings good and important knowledge–afterall, knowledge is power! So, if dealing with CoVID 19, were not enough, we have allergy season going on, and that is just making our life a bit more challenging. But we get some important insights from Dr. Knutson, among them: Staying indoors really helps with controlling allergies. Going outdoors, wear a mask and glasses. Both will provide some protection from the pollen.


Give Big 2020! Communities in Schools, University Heights Center. Your support counts!

Give Big 2020 is already underway. It’s a great annual fund-raising event for our community to come together and support many of the non-profits in the Puget Sound area. And to underscore the need is greater than ever this year! We hear from leaders in just 2 of the nonprofits we can choose to support:

Kathy Ulrich is Development Director for Communities in Schools Renton-Tukwila. This reaches the students of all ages who are at risk of missing out on education due to parental issues (sick parents!), lack of food, resources. Communities in Schools is a safety net. www.communitiesinschools.org

Maureen Ewing is Executive Director of University Heights Center — where “life long learning” is at the core of this umbrella nonprofit organization, crossing all income levels, and providing particular services to our most vulnerable, insecurely housed citizens. www.uheightscenter.org

Please support www.givebigwa.org @givebigwa

Jack Kerfoot: scientist, energy expert, author of 'Fueling America–An Insider's Journey'

Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, an energy expert, and the author of: Fueling America–An Insider’s Journey. Jack talks of the energy conundrum over the millennia, and ours now is: finding sustainable, reliable energy that doesn’t hurt our environment. He tells us of some major renewable energy projects under construction–wind power off the east cast, solar in the SE/Florida, and wind turbines in the south. Oklahoma’s energy consumption is now 50% renewable. And the case for electric cars continues to grow as the European service station model combines charging stations along with fuel.


Elyse Dickerson, managing being CEO, employees, & homelife with kids, husband, parents during CoVID

Elyse Dickerson shares some of her life and navigating tips to help us along in this CoVID reality, and suggests we might be discovering some new good habits. As a wife, whose husband works in another state during the week, and a Mom of 2 adolescents, Elyse shares how this has created some great family time of cooking togeher, sitting at the table for meals together, playing board games. Elyse is CEO and co-founder of Eosera, a majority woman owned biotech company, She tells us about some of the products related to ear health, managing ear wax–which these days is exacerbated by the greater use of ear buds, etc.


Dr. Richard Bandler: Control negative thinking, 'Thinking On Purpose A 15-Day Plan'

Dr. Richard Bandler is co-creator of NLP–Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conducts NLP seminars, is a philosopher, teacher, and author of over 30 books. The latest: Thinking on Purpose: A 15-Day Plan to a Smarter Life, is a simple and perfect tool to use during this time of ‘change’ in our lives. We have time that is different from our hectic past pace (at least for most) and a great time to learn and practice some great new techniques–such as how to control negative thoughts.


Hope Jahren: Together, it's possible to make a difference

Hope Jahren is a geobiologist, professor and author. Hope was a curious spirit from a young age, spending time in her father’s college lab and she was hooked into science and research. And as a master storyteller and teacher she can share her discoveries/her stories in just the best way. Hope’s newest and ultra important book is: The Story of More–How We got To Climate Change and Where to Go From Here. It’s the story of the last 50 years and how we got to where we find ourselves