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Welcome to This Show is All About You hosted by JDK Wyneken - author, historian, poet, and social commentator with lots to say on lots of things. Join him every week as he explores what it means to be you, by hearing about him and his take on the world around us as found in history, current affairs, literature, media, sports, and whatever else there is to explore. Take what you want from JDK’s unique outlook and good humor, all with a healthy dose of emotional intelligence, personal connection, and strategic irreverence for the Way Things Are Usually Done.

Latest Episodes

Dipping Into the Mailbag

Episode 88: “Dipping Into the Mailbag”

JDK addresses recent questions he’s received from listeners all over the world (yes, the world!) about everything from the war in Ukraine to the upcoming midterm elections to the recent excitement surrounding his favorite baseball team (hint: the Drought is Over!!). Be sure to send in your questions for future mailbag episodes!

Hey Dudes – Let's Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Spurred by some recent experiences and realizations about himself, along with some big global developments in regards to women’s rights, JDK dedicates this episode to addressing other men directly about how and why they view women the way they do – however that might be. Asking tough questions alongside sharing his own challenges, he asks men to consider taking a far closer look at themselves when it comes to women. From there, contributing to a more equitable environment for women becomes possible.

Meet the Originals

Episode 86: “Meet the Originals”

In honor of Girls in Aviation Day (September 24th), JDK welcomes esteemed historian Sarah Byrn Rickman to the show to discuss the WAFS – Women’s Auxiliary Ferry Squadron. These were first female pilots employed by the US Army during WWII to ferry new combat aircraft from manufacturing centers to training airfields and shipping docks for transfer to war zones. These women – along with the WASP that followed them – paved the way for women to eventually be given the chance to fly in the military in all roles, though getting there took decades. Be sure to share this episode with any young women you know for inspiration!

The Give and Take of Transitions

Episode 85: “The Give and Take of Transitions”

Upon requests from listeners, JDK takes an episode to discuss two major transitions in the world this past week – the sudden, successful Ukrainian offensive against Russian invasion forces in Eastern Ukraine, and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. What do these important transitions mean for each of us, or for the world at large? What are the key questions to ask about them? Take a listen to hear JDK’s take, as well as some other thoughts that might be worth considering.

Talk About the Passion”

Episode 84: “Talk About the Passion”

JDK welcomes back Julia Cannell, Executive Director of Airway Science for Kids, to the show to talk about passion — whatever that might be, in whatever areas of life give us meaning. Whether it’s in helping kids discover their passion and potential, or adults reengage with it, Passion and possibility often go hand-in-hand. And, with that, often comes a desire for us to push past our old ideas, fears, and self-imposed limits. What, then, can result? It could be a life with even more meaning then we once thought possible….

We Are Like Baseball, And That’s A Good Thing, I Swear

?Episode 83: “We Are Like Baseball, And That’s A Good Thing, I Swear”

JDK basks in the summer sunshine this week to talk about his favorite game and why it teaches him so much about what makes life so great – and so real. Baseball and life have so much in common, even in their rough parts. If it isn’t baseball for you, what is it that illustrates life to you so well? Whatever your answer, maybe it’s time ti reconnect with it and share it with someone new.

Calvin and Hobbes Warned Us

JDK goes solo this week to discuss the ramifications of last week’s FBI search for and removal of classified documents – including top secret documents about nuclear weapons – from former president Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago, Florida. In particular, JDK looks at what the anti-law enforcement rhetoric that resulted from some quarters indicates about where we stand as a country and what options we may be able to find to reduce the growing danger we fear is threatening the country. As with so much of life, those answers start with the questions we ask ourselves, no matter where we stand politically, and who we stand alongside or against.

"Yes, I Can Help Ukraine" – Part II

Episode 81: “Yes, I Can Help Ukraine” – Part II

JDK welcomes Tanya Zayka back to the show for a continued conversation about her work with the Ukrainian Association of Washington State to provide relief to displaced refugees inside Ukraine. Listen to firsthand accounts of amazing stories of how one person’s work can literally end up helping thousands more, and get specific ideas and information on how you, too, can help similarly. Be sure to visit the UAWS by visiting to find out more about how you can help, whether you live in the state or not.

"Yes, I Can Help Ukraine" – Part I

Episode 80: “Yes, I Can Help Ukraine” – Part I

JDK welcomes a special guest to the show, Tanya Zayka of the Ukrainian Association of Washington State, for a heartfelt and powerful discussion about the extensive relief efforts that are still underway to help the people of Ukraine as they continue to resist the brutal Russian invasion of their country. Tanya shares about growing up in Ukraine, her country’s history, her relief projects and those of many other individuals. These include shipping winter clothing, medical supplies, and even NICU machines for newborns to war torn areas. It is both a sobering and inspiring series of stories, and Tanya also provides clear advice on how each of us can take simple steps that will literally save lives. Such action is urgent, as the need for aid in Ukraine is only growing….

Be sure to catch Part II of this important conversation with Tanya in next week’s episode.

Building A Better Lightning Rod

Episode 79: “Building A Better Lightning Rod”

JDK welcomes screenwriter Troy Hunter to the show, their conversation focused on the personal and professional challenges involved in getting writing of any kind into the public sphere as novels, movies, television series, etc. They discuss the roots of their inspiration(s) to write, what makes for good storytelling, and how we can each stay the course when the breakthroughs we seek take a long time to arrive (if ever). Whatever your creative interest, there is great stuff in this episode for you!