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Welcome to This Show is All About You hosted by JDK Wyneken - author, historian, poet, and social commentator with lots to say on lots of things. Join him every week as he explores what it means to be you, by hearing about him and his take on the world around us as found in history, current affairs, literature, media, sports, and whatever else there is to explore. Take what you want from JDK’s unique outlook and good humor, all with a healthy dose of emotional intelligence, personal connection, and strategic irreverence for the Way Things Are Usually Done.

Latest Episodes

We Don’t Need No Stinking Resolutions

Episode 51: “We Don’t Need No Stinking Resolutions”

JDK welcomes in his producer and friend, Stacy Heller, to talk about their dislike of New Year’s resolutions and what they think works far better than those in improving our lives and well being.

The Sannyasi Santa

Episode 50: “The Sannyasi Santa”

JDK explores the historical roots of Santa Claus, talks about why he believes Santa is Real, and explores how acts of giving can be the most connective – and transformative – acts to change our lives for the better.

A History Nerd’s Q and A Episode

Episode 49: “A History Nerd’s Q and A Episode”

JDK opens up his mailbag to answer questions he received from listeners about last week’s episode on the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. In the process, he debunks some conspiracy theories and provides some ideas on how history can – and should – inform our present as well.

The Week After Infamy

Episode 48: “The Week After Infamy”

JDK dives into his grandmother’s World War II scrapbook as a portal to talk about the 80th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Take a listen to hear what’s in the scrapbook and how we can relate today to an event that happened “so long ago.”

Time, Treasures, and Talents

Episode 47: “Time, Treasures, and Talents”
On the eve of “Giving Tuesday,” JDK explores the value of giving money, time, and talents to one of the (literally) millions of different nonprofits that operate in the U.S. and elsewhere. JDK provides resources and guiding questions to help us decide how we can best help in the area(s) of interest to us, along with challenges to take a good personal look at our motives in doing so.

Thanksgiving Hits and Mythses

Episode 46: “Thanksgiving Hits and Mythses”

JDK separates history from myth in the Thanksgiving holiday as celebrated in both the U.S. and Canada, and poses a challenge for us all in how we commemorate and celebrate all we have to be thankful for; must we base it all on flawed notions of “tradition”? Or would we be better served by just being thankful?

Put 346 Names On Your Wall

Episode 45: “Put 346 Names On Your Wall”

JDK does a sharp turn this week to present a kind of “open letter” and offer an opportunity to the giant Boeing company, who recently admitted responsibility for two crashes of its 737 MAX jets due to the failure of an onboard system that its pilots didn’t even know existed. It’s a show about the crossroads where accountability, a focus on people first, and profitability meet and how even giant companies can do a “living amends” to the customers they’ve failed.

In the Common Purpose

Episode 44: “In the Common Purpose”

JDK focuses this week on the roots and practices of Veterans Day, encouraging us to treat it as a day of personal connection with those veterans we know. Join him for a journey down memory lane to meet the two vets he knew best – his maternal grandparents, both of whom served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II.

Here Come the Holidays

Episode 43: “Here Come the Holidays”

With Halloween in the rear view mirror, JDK invite us all to start reframing the now-arrived holiday season through new lenses, ones that focus on connecting with ourselves, others, and with areas where we hope to grow. In the process, we can also put aside many of the emotional difficulties the holidays can stir up.

Dune and Gloom

Episode 42: “Dune and Gloom”

JDK embraces the coming of Halloween week by discussing the allure – and reasons for it – of dystopian fiction stories. Combining his thoughts on the recent film release of “Dune” with his knowledge of the history of dystopian works by George Orwell and others, JDK asks some important questions about the power of Fear in our lives.