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Welcome to This Show is All About You hosted by JDK Wyneken - author, historian, poet, and social commentator with lots to say on lots of things. Join him every week as he explores what it means to be you, by hearing about him and his take on the world around us as found in history, current affairs, literature, media, sports, and whatever else there is to explore. Take what you want from JDK’s unique outlook and good humor, all with a healthy dose of emotional intelligence, personal connection, and strategic irreverence for the Way Things Are Usually Done.

Latest Episodes

An Illumination of the Soul

Episode 66: “An Illumination of the Soul”

JDK asks us all to consider why we often treat history as a burden to hold and defend, rather than as a way to illuminate what is true about ourselves. Is it fear of what we might see? What we might lose? And what could be possible for us if we stopped being so afraid of the “unknowns” that history can often make known to us?

The ‘Fascists’ Next Door

?Episode 65: “The ‘Fascists’ Next Door”

As evidence mounts of widespread Russian military crimes against civilians, JDK takes a hard – and decidedly angry – look at what he sees as Putin’s criminal “weaponization” of history and terms like ‘Nazi’ and ‘fascist’ to justify these crimes. Amidst it all, too, are warnings for all of us to be careful with those same words.

The Way (Out) of War

Episode 64: “The Way (Out) of War”

JDK talks about how the very different approaches that Russia and the West have in envisioning, preparing for, and fighting wars go a long way in explaining why Russia is losing the war in Ukraine AND how the West can best prevent the war from becoming something larger.

The Bear in the Backyard

Episode 63: “The Bear in the Backyard”

JDK continues his examination of the Russian invasion of Ukraine by responding to questions from listeners about how the US and its allies “didn’t see this coming” from Putin. Part of the answer is in the successive failures by every presidential administration since the end of the Cold War to truly understand the Russian “bear” on its own terms and in its own context.

What Do We Learn From Here?

Episode 62: “What Do We Learn From Here?”

JDK continues his discussion of the Russian invasion of Ukraine by answering a few questions from listeners and from his producer, Stacy Heller, about how all of this came to be and what paths there may be to move forward towards peace.

What Happened to Oksana?

JDK continues his look at some of the history behind the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, and digs into the ideological underpinnings of Vladimir Putin’s worldview. Along the way, he also suggests the West / rest of the world has work to do in learning more about Russia and its historical connections with its neighbors.

Ukraine Matters

Episode 60: “Ukraine Matters”
With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominating the news, JDK puts his historian’s hat back on to discuss some of the historical roots of the conflict, which go back further in history than many realize.

Road Trips and Friendships

Episode 59: “Road Trips and Friendships”

JDK welcomes in Seth Moorman, his longtime friend and host of the fabulous ‘Athletic Obscura’ podcast, for a lively discussion about their shared road-trip experiences together, and why such trips can do so much to build and maintain the bonds of our closest friendships.

Loving the Rock Steady Soul Singing

Episode 58: “Loving the Rock Steady Soul Singing”

In this Valentine’s Day episode, JDK takes listeners deep into the historical origins of the holiday, highlights some myths about it, talks about some no-longer-practiced traditions, and discusses ways to reframe our experiences of the holiday in ways that might be more honest and helpful to us. And, somehow, he weaves in Motown music and pregnancy as metaphors….?

Stripping Off The Armor

Episode 57: “Stripping Off The Armor”

In this episode, JDK pulls the curtain aside to give listeners a glimpse of what it looks and feels like when he’s down, when he “armors up” and hides when he feels vulnerable or threatened, and how he seeks to grow from sitting in those uncomfortable spaces.