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Saturday, February 18 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, February 21 8pm  
THE CASE OF THE CONFOUNDED CHRONICLER: Episode 119 of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Can Sherlock Holmes really solve a crime without ever leaving Baker Street? Dr. Watson has to take on the mantle of the Great Detective himself, plus Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson to get the answer.

BRASS: “Teachable Ape”
High adventure and a rocking good time are to be had as we continue the adventures of this unusual family of thrill seekers in the Steampunk version of 1885.

Sunday, February 19 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, February 23 8pm  
THE MORIARTY CONCLUSION: Episode 129 of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
The Family Moriarty has plagued Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for too many years and it’s time to make an end to the situation. However, in this special double length episode it will of course prove difficult to accomplish. (NEW) WEEK 1,092

Saturday, February 25 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, February 28 8pm   
BATTLE LINES: Episode Seventeen of “Kerides, the Thinker.”
The young Greek philosopher has been put into a situation that could not only get him killed but General Karnak and several hundred other men as well. Plus he may make an enemy of one of the most dangerous men in Egypt (NEW)

BRASS: “Behind The Curtain and Green Tables And Grease Paint”
Events move quickly for the Brass family as we near the conclusion of Imagination Theatre’s first ever cliffhanger serial.

Sunday, February 26 8pm
Encore Broadcast Thursday, March 2 8pm

****This week marks the final radio broadcasts of Jim French’s Imagination Theatre. For over 20 years, Imagination Theatre has enthralled us with larger than life characters and story lines filled with mystery, intrigue, adventure, and most of all, entertainment. You can visit the Imagination Theatre Web site,  and read for yourself the amazing story of Jim French and Imagination Theatre.  And you can purchase your favorite Imagination Theatre programs for your personal collection, while supplies last.

We want to say thank you to all the talented actors who have played on this stage.  And most of all we want to say thank you Jim French.  Thank you for your incredible imagination, and for all the memorable moments you have given us in Imagination Theatre.****

HARRY AND MURPHY: November 22, 1963, many of us know exactly where we were when we first heard the news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Harry Nile was in the home of a man who was supposed to have committed suicide back in 1948. Then he gets the word Murphy has been shot and kidnapped. A bad day all around right? Well, Harry thinks so and he’s decided to make some changes.

WEEK 1,093