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Rare digital artwork created by Jerry Garcia now available as an NFT

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A rare piece of digital artwork titled “Gift” that was created by the late Jerry Garcia is available now as an NFT, or a non-fungible token — essentially a unique digital collectible — at the online gallery SuperRare, which is built on cryptocurrency.

The “Gift” NFT was released in conjunction with a partnership between Jerry Garcia Music Arts, a music and arts company launched by the Grateful Dead frontman’s daughter Keelin and his ex-wife, Manasha, and the ecologically minded Aerial platform that focuses on reducing humanity’s global carbon footprint.

“Gift” depicts a colorfully dressed, smiling interstellar being holding a musical staff. The sale will raise money to help support Aerial’s forest conservation work.

“We’re excited to help creators, including Jerry Garcia Music Arts, understand and mitigate the carbon footprint by supporting meaningful projects,” says Aerial co-founder Andreas Homer.

Adds Keelin Garcia, “I think my father would have loved the concept of NFTs, especially with the carbon offset component. After seeing how this new space is empowering artists and creators around the world to make a living doing what they love, I’m excited and honored to help bring his original art into this new era of art history and share it with a new generation of creatives.”

Some funds raised will go toward the preservation of coral reefs, a cause that Jerry — an avid scuba diver — supported during his lifetime.

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