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Rob Thomas ready to ‘Rock the House for Animals’ tonight with Jason Mraz,Chris Daughtry & Gavin DeGraw…in sweatpants

Rob Thomas ready to 'Rock the House for Animals' tonight with Jason Mraz,Chris Daughtry & Gavin DeGraw..

Courtesy Humane Society of the United StatesTonight at 7 p.m. ET on the Humane Society’s Facebook and YouTube channel, Rob Thomas and his wife, Marisol, will host a charity livestream called Rock the House for Animals, raising money to help pets whose owners can’t care for them due to COVID-19. 

Thomas also will perform, along with his pals Jason Mraz, Chris Daughtry and Gavin DeGraw. Rob says they’ll be making history…sort of.

I know that it’s the first telethon of its time during this crisis that’s helping animals,” the Matchbox Twenty singer tells ABC Audio. “But more importantly, it is the first telethon ever hosted by people in sweatpants!”

He adds, laughing, “I think this is a groundbreaking achievement in television and in philanthropy, to be honest with you!” 

Thomas also plans to ban his guests wearing jeans or regular pants, joking, “No pants. That is a rule! I haven’t seen a pair of pants that doesn’t have a stretchy band in it in two months!”

The three artists will play the hits, and take your requests.

“If we’re asking you for your money, I feel like we should at least give you what you want,” Rob explains.  He also promises that they won’t play the song most associated with pets in need: Sarah McLachlan‘s “Angel.”

“It’s not a downer fest the whole time,” he says.

Rob is well-versed in livestreams, having been doing them since the pandemic began. He says he feels a sense of connection with fans because of it. 

[Y]ou see what it means to them,” he says. “[P]eople just want something to kind of take their mind off of it. And so…after the first couple of times, you start to realize that they’re out there, and you feel more of a connection.”

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