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Ryan Reynolds cracks wise, again, in stay-at-home “commercial” for his company, Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds cracks wise, again, in stay-at-home "commercial" for his company, Mint Mobile

ABC/Lou Rocco(CANADA) — (NOTE LANGUAGE) Actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds has been busy during lockdown, not just donating his money and proceeds from his Aviation Gin to help various COVID-19-related causes, but trying to manage his cellphone phone company, Mint Mobile.

In a new home-brew spot, the self-deprecating Deadpool star explains he was shooting an “epic commercial,” for the company he bought in November, only to have his plans dashed by the coronavirus outbreak. 

He shares what he had so far: a dramatic sunrise, a tiger growling, and Reynolds saying “Introducing…” before the commercial cuts out.

“That’s as far as we got before…you know,” the star says.

To try and spread the word, Reynolds explains instead of using “the magic of film,” he’s “going to use the magic of slides,” before offering to share his screen.

In an amateur PowerPoint-like presentation, the actor says “math” proves people can save money using Mint Mobile — heck, it’s even cheaper than skywriting. 

“I know it’s hard to believe, but so are the plots to most of my movies,” the actor says before revealing a pie chart about his film career, showing they consist of: 60% “Plot Holes,” 27% “Nobody Saw,” 10% “Made Some Sense,” and 3% “French Translation Landed.”

In a Shark Tank-like pitch, Reynolds gives his “next steps” for the company, which include, “As***** brother stops questioning my business decisions,” and “Mom tells me she’s proud.” 

Ryan’s cluttered computer desktop is laden with Easter Eggs, including a script for Van Wilder: Endgame, and and a zip file of “Bad Blake pics,” referring to his wife, Blake Lively.

Speaking of Reynolds’ mom, she makes a quick appearance when he clicks on a video on his desktop, and it jogs his memory: “Oh right, Mother’s Day! F***.”

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