Should You be Nostalgic About the Past?

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Have you noticed how trendy it is these days to be nostalgic about the past? For example:

  • The latest Recording Industry data shows that more than HALF of all physical music sold today is on vinyl……
  • Also, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy in 2001 – but now it’s thriving again.
  • And instead of upgrading to the latest smartphone, an estimated 1-in-5 consumers have expressed interest in switching back to a minimalist “dumb phone,” with no texting or apps……
  • People are even going back to old-school videogames that don’t require the internet to be played. 

According to a new Deloitte survey, a big reason people are buying vintage or “retro” products is for more privacy. Because most devices that connect to the internet can easily be tracked or hacked! And a growing number of people just want to enjoy their day – snapping photos, making calls, playing games and listening to music – without worrying about their security.

Another reason? Media studies professor Dr. Paul Levinson says there’s an increasing desire to “disengage” from the modern world for mental health reasons. Because a lot of us see the past as a simpler, less stressful, more innocent time. And people want to return to the comfort of the past – before the internet and social media completely took over our lives. 

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