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Sundays 8pm-8:30pm Tuesdays 8pm-9pm

Every Sunday at 8pm, with an encore broadcast Thursday at 8pm. A variety of entertaining programs. The Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air has been producing contemporary Radio Theatre for 22 years.


Every Sunday at 8pm, encore broadcast Thursday at 8pm.

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The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air is an award winning radio drama production company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Officially established in 1995 by Jerry Robbins and Mark Vander Berg, they have produced over 600 audio drama productions, including collaborations with such authors as Ray Bradbury (Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Halloween Tree, Dandelion Wine, The Martian Chronicles), and Star Trek legend Walter Keonig (Buck Alice And The Actor Robot). Other productions include Zorro, The War of the Worlds, the musical  Jimmy And The Star Angel, and two popular series, Ticonderoga, and Powder River –  which has just completed taping its 12th season, and its 162nd episode. Colonial has won two Parents’ Choice Awards, six Ogle Awards, and has twice been nominated for the Audie Award by the American Audio Publishers Association.

Upcoming Shows

CRT Powder River season 13

Sunday, October 4 8pm – Encore broadcast Thursday, October 8 8pm

POWDER RIVER Season 13 Ep. 1 The Message

Britt receives a telegraph message that turns his world upside down.

POWDER RIVER Season 13 Ep. 2 That Way Madness Lies

Levi, Doc and Dawes are worried that Britt is outnumbered by the outlaws he is pursuing.


Sunday, October 11 8pm – Encore broadcast Thursday, October 15 8pm

POWDER RIVER Season 13 Ep. 3 A Visitor From Texas

An unexpected guest arrives at the MacMasters ranch

POWDER RIVER Season 13 Ep. 4 The Pot of Gold

Daniel feels that Britt would be happier if he left Clearmont.



Sunday, October 18 8pm – Encore broadcast Thursday, October 22 8pm

POWDER RIVER Season 13 Ep. 5 A Faded Rose

Dawes decides that Erica is the woman for him, and gives her a rose and an ultimatum.

POWDER RIVER Season 13 Ep. 6 Suppliant Requests

Jacob has his hands full with legal action as Miss Hudson tries to close Esther’s saloon.



CRT War of Worlds 2020

Sunday, October 25 8pm – Encore broadcast Thursday, October 29 8pm


The Colonial Radio Theatre is proud to present this faithful, award winning adaptation of the greatest science fiction novel of all kind, The War of the Worlds. A capsule crashes to Earth in the heart of Victorian England, its planet of origin: Mars. What no-one can foresee is that this is only the beginning of a massive invasion that will see humanity tested as never before. Based on H.G. Wells’ groundbreaking novel, The War of the Worlds is as compelling a tale today as it was when the story was first published in 1898.



Every Sunday at 8pm, a variety of entertaining programs.  And two chances to enjoy them, with encore broadcasts every Thursday at 8pm.  Get ready for something different and exciting every week.  First week of the month – Action and Adventure.  Second week of the month – Mystery.  Third week of the month – Drama.  Fourth week of the month – Comedy and Family.