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Don’t Ask Me to Talk – From the ridiculous to the sublime

Topics from the ridiculous to the sublime await listeners of Don’t Ask Me to Talk with Stacy Heller, heard Thursdays at 3 p.m. (PDT). Stacy and co-host Eric chat about what’s good; from which movies and shows to watch, music to explore or rediscover, books and podcasts to binge or places to visit, and more. They’ll share and discuss what they know and what they don’t. Meant to be an “EDU-taining” one-hour break from reality, their banter echoes the conversations taking place at home, work, the bus stop, and on nights out – what people are talking about when they’re not focused on COVID, world conflict, inflation, and politics.

Featuring a sponsored segment with Vance Dingfelder of Dingfelder’s Delicatessen called, “What Are We Eating?” it will highlight the food, stories, and inspiration behind Dingfelder’s.

“This show is my response to needing to add lighter fare to my social media diet,” says Stacy, adding, “With news accessible quite literally at my fingertips, I found I was experiencing a constant feeling of dread for what was next. The scale was telling me literally and figuratively that my diet was neither healthy nor sustainable; it was time to lighten up!”

Stacy Heller has always loved to talk, so much so that she hosts another show on KKNW called STACY CONNECTS. “I love exploring and connecting with seemingly random aspects of life, sifting for meaning and sharing the treasures I’ve found.”  It was on that show she met Eric Reidar of Hubbard Radio. Eric’s even keeled sensibility is the perfect foil for Stacy’s random style. “Stacy’s spontaneous nature and great attitude keep me on my toes and put a smile on my face. Hopefully it’ll be the same for the listener.”

They’re an unlikely pairing; like fried chicken and Champagne – as sublime as it is ridiculous.

After staying home full-time to raise four stellar kids for 20-plus years, Stacy went part-time once the kids started leaving the house, deciding to turn her natural gift for making connections into a business, leading to STACY CONNECTS. Stacy works with clients to identify multi-sensory messaging ideas that translate their brand into a language their target audience connects with naturally.

When she’s not talking or connecting, she’s probably sitting in the sunny corner of her couch with a Diet Coke or G&T, playing solitaire.

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What are we dreaming?
For the last episode of Don’t Ask Me to Talk to air on KIXI, Stacy and Eric commemorate by discussing Chip and Dip Day and Near Miss Day among other nonsensical holidays (not worth mentioning). Their topic for this week is dreams and unlike Stacy, Eric doesn’t have weird reoccurring dreams which may or may not mean she’s a little crazy! Vance Dingfelder from Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering talks about Passover food and explains the difference between matzo balls that sink versus float. Go to to order for Passover or for menus and more.
TV Party Tonight
Poker Face, And/or The Bear? Which to watch!? Before they dish on what they’ve been watching, Stacy and Eric take time to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day and National Artichoke Day. Of equal importance, no; however, both are green adjacent. After a lesson on colcannon from Eric, they switch gears to discuss which programs they’ve been binging. Since Stacy is always so far behind, she takes a back seat to find out what’s good enough for Eric to watch. Tune in for a lot of awesome suggestions! Because Vance Dingfelder from Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering can’t join the program this week, Stacy shares her experiences with Nourish Catering. Go to or for menus and more. Next time: Reoccurring dreams we have
A Guest! And First Jobs
Stacy and Eric get particularly into their conversation about International School Meals Day, comparing school lunch with home lunch. They determine the grass is always greener on the other side. As promised, they welcome a guest (Steve Haas) to the show and spin the Wheel ‘O Topics to determine their topic. Steve, Stacy, and Eric share their first “real” jobs. Steve learned his is now obsolete, Eric learned he likes suits and Stacy learned how to save lives. Vance Dingfelder from Dingfelder’s Delicatessen and Nourish Catering shares that he started working in his family’s restaurant by the age of 7 and clearly, he never left the biz! Go to or for menus and more. Next time: What we’ve been watching recently