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Here’s What’s Playing in Jim French’s Imagination Theatre

Saturday, September 21st, 8pm
Encore broadcast Tuesday, September 24th, 8pm
WRITTEN BY: Jim French
First Broadcast: 4/12/98
Two American astronauts and two Russian Cosmonauts on the first manned mission to Mars develop tensions aboard their space craft, that climax on the red planet.

Mike McLaughlin         Larry Albert
Mary Ann Dorward      Katrina Hodiak

Saturday, September 28th, 8pm
Encore Broadcast Tuesday, October 1, 8pm
The Adventures of Harry Nile
Is Anyone There
Written By Sable Jak
First Broadcast: 4/11/10
Harry Nile is man who makes friends, and enemies. What happens when one of the latter puts our boy in a situation where none of the former can help him? Where’s he is trapped, cut off from everything and everyone…or is he?

Larry Albert                    Jay Green
Jim French