Jim French’s Imagination Theatre

Turn on your radio… and turn up your imagination!  Jim French’s Imagination Theatre brings you New Harry Nile adventures.  New Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  The characters and performers you know and love, and more.  Saturday nights at 8pm, a half hour of Jim French’s Imagination Theatre on KIXI Radio, online at www.KIXI.com and on the new FREE KIXI App.

You Can Help Keep The Magic Of Radio Theatre Alive

A message from John Patrick Lowrie, the voice of Sherlock Holmes
and Larry Albert, the voice of Harry Nile and Dr. Watson

Back in February of 20017 when KIXI aired the final broadcast of Imagination Theater and Jim French Productions closed its doors, all involved felt it was the end of an era. For 21 years, 52 weeks a year for a total of 1,093 weeks, we were lucky enough to bring to our audiences what we felt, and many of you agreed, the best of modern full cast audio drama performed and written by professional actors and writers. We all thought it was over.

Happily, it’s not! Recently John Patrick Lowrie and myself have formed a new production company we’ve called Aural Vision LLC and with the blessings of Jim French’s heirs, we are now in the process of preparing new scripts for broadcast. We’ve already signed a new contract with the Kirkland Performance Center to continue with the live shows you love so much.  Additionally, we have reached an agreement with the actors union SAG-AFTRA that will allow us to use the same fine talent as before. We’re also very happy to be back as a part of the line-up here at KIXI Radio.

However, we need your help.

We have started a crowd sourcing campaign to raise the money needed to pay the actors, writers, engineers and to cover the cost of renting studio space to record the new episodes of Harry Nile, Sherlock Holmes and many others. We hope to raise a at least $15.000.00 to enable us to bring a multi-week season of programming to our listening audience. If we can get more, well, as my mom used to “That’s gravy.”  So here’s the pitch. If you’d like to help us just click on the link below, that will take you to our page at Go Fund Me where you’ll be able to see what we’re asking for and how much we’ve raised to date. There’s also a place for your comments.  Donating with Go Fund Me is easy, and it’s safe. There are even some gifts for those who can afford to give more, but let me make it clear there are no small donations, every dollar is deeply appreciated and will help keep this theater’s doors open, figuratively speaking.

Just click here and help keep the magic that is Radio Theatre alive.

Thank You Very Much.

Here’s What’s Playing in Jim French’s Imagination Theatre


Saturday, May 25, 8pm
Encore broadcast Tuesday, May 28, 8pm


 You Should Live So Long
Written by Larry Albert
First Broadcast: 5/19/02

Simon Walker, a “danger is my business” type, is asked by an ex-Nazi to help return some stolen art treasures before he is murdered. Featuring Cynthia (Lauren) Tewes of “The Love Boat” Cast:

Dennis Bateman         Bobbi Kotula
Cynthia Lauren Tewes Matt Reidy
Jay Green


Saturday, May 18, 8pm
Encore broadcast Tuesday, May 21, 8pm

The Case of the Crying Corpse
First Broadcast: 9-11-05

A man falls to his death from the 30th floor of his office building and Harry receives a manuscript that tells all about it before it happens? Who wrote the book and sent it to Harry?

Jay Green                    Larry Albert
Pat French                  Bill Brooks


Saturday, May 11, 8pm
Encore broadcast Tuesday, May 14, 8pm

First broadcast: 10/13/77

WRITTEN BY: Jim French
An unemployed actor gets his big chance to audition for an important movie producer, however, first there’s a murder to solve.


Pat French                            Stephen Hilliard

ZoAunne LeRoy              Don Chambers

Merrill Mael                            Maureen Hawkins

Jim French


Saturday, May 4, 8pm
Encore broadcast Tuesday, May 7, 8pm

Kincaid The Strangeseeker
New Guy at the Morgue

Written by Jim French

First Broadcast: 11/8/98

Kincaid digs up the facts on missing cadavers at the morgue and almost joins them.


Terry Rose                      Kathryn Shield

John Gilbert                      Richard Sanders

David Freed                      Larry Albert

Joy Rinaldi                      Dean L. Smith

Daniel Von Koschembahr