Jim French’s Imagination Theatre

Saturdays and Tuesdays 8pm-8:30pm

Turn on your radio… and turn up your imagination!  Jim French’s Imagination Theatre brings you New Harry Nile adventures.  New Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  The characters and performers you know and love, and more.  Saturday nights at 8pm and an encore presentation Tuesday nights at 8pm, a half hour of Jim French’s Imagination Theatre on KIXI Radio, online at and on the new FREE KIXI App.

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Here’s What’s Playing in Jim French’s Imagination Theatre

The Adventure of the Prudent Undertaker

Written by M. J. Elliott

First Broadcast: 04/30/22

An extremely of odd message found in the throat of a corpse, an ghoulish type who robs the dead, a beautiful and a completely ruthless woman all put Holmes and Watson whom may be his criminal opposite, It’s not Moriarty.

Introducing David Natale as Inspector Stanley Hopkins


John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert, Dennis Bateman, David Natale & Mari Nelson


05/07 Hickory TIKory Tok

Written by Jason Phillip Miller

First Broadcast: 05/07/22

What are the odds that Piper will be looking at a video on her phone and realize the person in said video is sending her a message for help via semaphore. Don’t know what semaphore is? Ask Siri.


Cynthia Lauren Tewes, Andee Albert, Basil Harris, Gin Hammond & Hugh Hastings


05/14 It’s Hard to Find Good Help

Written by M. J. Elliott

First Broadcast: 05/14/22

Murphy sends a prospective client to another P. I. because the Nile Detective agency doesn’t do divorce work. This other P. I. turns out to be a blackmailer on the side with some juicy stuff on the new client but now this P. I. has been murdered. Somehow this roving client has decided everything has gone wrong and it’s Murphy’s fault.


Larry Albert, Mary Kae Irvin, Alan Harrison, Ron Hippe & Gary Schwartz


05/21 The Adventure of t he Absent Bankers

Written by M. J. Elliott

First Broadcast:05/21/22

IN this latest investigation Doctor Watson poses the question “If Merrydew was in Essex and the servants were asleep,was Hadlock attempting to shoot an intruder? If so, how did he come by that knowledge , and why not alert the police, or at the very least Merrydew himself.” Excellent question Doctor, can Sherlock Holmes find the answer?


John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert, Dennis Bateman, Phillip Keiman, Steve Manning & Susanna Burney


05/28 Diamonds are for Trevor

Written by M. J. Elliott

First Broadcast: 05/28/22

Whenever a Murdoch goes into a hospital bad things seem to happen. This time Max has a choice, deliver a mysterious case to a mysterious group or she will mysteriously die. What’s in the case and how is Piper involved? Well, that’s why we call this shows mysteries, have you not been paying attention?


Cynthia Lauren Tewes, Andee Albert, Basil Harris, Mary Kae Irvin & John Patrick Lowrie