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Turn on your radio… and turn up your imagination!  Jim French’s Imagination Theatre brings you New Harry Nile adventures.  New Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  The characters and performers you know and love, and more.  Saturday nights at 8pm and an encore presentation Tuesday nights at 9pm, a half hour of Jim French’s Imagination Theatre on KIXI Radio, online at and on the new FREE KIXI App.

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Here’s What’s Playing in Jim French’s Imagination Theatre


03/04/23  The Three Deaths of Erasmus Crow

Written by M. J. Elliott

First Broadcast: 12/25/11

To help us celebrate twenty-five years of “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” we asked our head writer and major contributor to the series to pick out one of his favorite episodes and so he has.This installment was inspired by a reference in the Conan Doyle story “The Mazarin Stone” and takes place just prior to the events of episode #92 “The Adventure of the Invisible Man.” Dr. Watson and many others witness the death of a Christmas party goer; the only trouble is the good doctor saw the same corpse on a slab in the morgue three months earlier! Guest starring, from “The Love Boat” Cynthia Lauren Tewes.


John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert, Dennis Bateman, Ellen McLain, Rick May, Frank Buxton & Cynthia Lauren Tewes


03/11/23 The Lady in the Santa Claus Suit

Written by M. J. Elliott

First Broadcast: 12/17/22

Harry Nile is having another one of those days. He takes on an assignment to find someone, knocks on a door, gets let in, opens another door and finds Santa Claus, only it’s not Kris Kringle, it appears to be Christine Kringle, gets sapped, comes to to face a possible murder charge and his least favorite police detective, Meeker.


Larry Albert, Jay Green, Mary Kae Irvin, Basi Harris, Marianna de Fazio, Alan Harrison


03/18/23 The Darlington Substitution Scandal

Written by M. J. Elliott

The Christmas season of 1885 is just like any other if you’re the average British Citizen, but if you’re Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson it brings the theft of a Ruby, the murder of a lawyer and all the evidence Holmes could wish for is in plain sight. Open and Shut? I wonder.


John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert, Phillip Keiman, Ellen McLain. Dennis Baterman & Rachel Glass