Jim French’s Imagination Theatre

Saturdays and Tuesdays 8pm-8:30pm

Turn on your radio… and turn up your imagination!  Jim French’s Imagination Theatre brings you New Harry Nile adventures.  New Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  The characters and performers you know and love, and more.  Saturday nights at 8pm, a half hour of Jim French’s Imagination Theatre on KIXI Radio, online at and on the new FREE KIXI App.

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Here’s What’s Playing in Jim French’s Imagination Theatre



04/03 No Time For Remorse – Encore Presentation 04/06

Written by M. J. Elliott

Second thoughts, we’ve all had them but seldom do they lead to a double homicide. Mr. and Mrs. Nile need to find out why two people are dead when one of them changed his mind about killing the otherCast:

Larry Albert, Mary Kae Irvin, Jay Green, David Natale, Pam Nolte, Mark Anders & Hugh Hastings


04/10 The Adventure of Tempset Abbey – Encore Presentation 04/13

Written by M. J. Elliott

Watson has ambitions to do more then write of the exploits of his friend Holmes and takes himself off to a writer’s retreat. Ah, but the fates and murder are against him.


John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert, Dennis Bateman, Mary Kae Irvin &  John Armstrong


04/17  Skin in the Game – Encore Presentation 04/20

Written by M. J. Elliott

How does going for a tattoo turn into whacked out day involving a fire,  goons with guns, being shoved into the back of a van, too many swastikas and sno-cones? For the Family Murdoch it’s just another day


Cynthia Lauren Tewes, Andee Albert, Basil Harris, Mari Nelson &  Julie Briskman


04/24 What’s in the Box – Encore Presentation 04/27

Written by M. J. Elliott

Harry Nile and Police Dtective Bill Rowley do not get along, to say the least, and when our boy may be the inadvertent reason of a woman’s death things do look any brighter for their releation ship.


Larry Albert, Jay Green, Davis Natale, Maggie Stenson, Rachel Glass & Dennis Bateman