Positive Talk Radio Show

Fridays 3pm-4pm

Tune in Fridays at 3 p.m. to Positive Talk Radio Show as host Kevin McDonald takes listeners on a spiritual journey of renewal.

The Positive Talk Radio Show aims to entertain, enlighten, empower and educate by declaring freedom from hate, division and fear. In short, his aspiration is to create a better way of living for all.

“Positive Talk Radio is my long-time dream and passion,” says Kevin, adding, “Our world is at a pivotal time in history. A time to come together to address the major issues of the day, positively and with humor and a sense of common purpose and action is upon us.

Born and raised in Seattle, Kevin is a self-described jovial, fun-loving man who has experienced life in a big way… having been a star athlete, actor, restaurateur, sales and sales manager, transit operator, audio producer, talk show host, creative consultant, motivational leader and podcast host.


Learn more at: www.positivetalkradio.net