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Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis

Fridays 3pm-3:30pm

Tune in weekly as your host, Robin Alexis, also known as the Mt. Shasta Mystic, sits down with fascinating guests who courageously share their stories of love, loss and learning.

Be inspired and be uplifted. Listen each week and hear the commonalities we all share in this human experience. Learn how to cope and even thrive in the wake of overwhelming life changes.

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Danielle Sunberg – Loving And Losing A Pregnancy
Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Danielle Sunberg. Danielle is a former Big Law attorney who became a wellness entrepreneur and expert in the art of conscious living. She is the author of “Atlas of Being: From Briefcase to Backpack, One Former Lawyer’s Exploration of the Human Way,” which you can pre-order now on her website On today’s show, Danielle shares her experience terminating her first pregnancy after learning the baby had inherited a rare genetic disorder. Danielle shares how she navigated grief and ultimately found peace through her enduring relationship with her baby.
Jen Mathews-Loving and Losing a Life Partner
Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Jen Mathews. This week’s topic is, “Loving and Losing a Life Partner.” Jen Mathews shares how to view death in a different light. Her website is
Parvati Markus – Loving And Losing A Saint
Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Parvati Markus. This week’s show topic is the shock of “Loving and Losing a Saint.” How does one find a living Saint? Once found, how do you cope when the Saint who showed you a glimpse of who you truly are actually dies? Parvati Markus is the author of the book, “Whisper in the Heart: The Ongoing Presence of Neem Karoli Baba.” Learn more about Parvati Markus at