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Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend’s informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.


Our youth need us to be informed about their mental health. Jack Shriner educates us.

Jack Shriner is the Lead Psychotherapist at PacMed, where he works with people of all ages, and he has a keen desire to help kids. Having now spent months in this CoVID reality is a challenge for most of us. It can be very impactful on our kids, so it is important to be observant, engage with them, and seek professional help when it’s needed. And this is adolescents and teens. Appointments are being held virtually.

Support for the Health Care Price Transparency Act. Cynthia Fisher.

Cynthia Fisher is a life sciences entrepreneur, independent investor, and corporate board director. Cynthia is also the founder and Chairman of PRA, Patient Rights…a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides a voice for consumers –you and me, to have transparency in healthcare. A perfect conversation on Independence Day weekend, when we can consider contacting our Senators Murray and Cantwell to support — the Health Care PRICE Transparency Act, which would require hospitals and health insurers to post their discounted cash prices and secret, hidden negotiated rates.

An education on Social Justice, Dr. David Nurenberg

Dr. David Nuremnberg is a professor, educational consultant and writer in the Boston area who teaches courses at both the high school and graduate level. Dr. Nuremberg is the author of “WHAT DOES INJUSTICE HAVE TO DO WITH ME?: Engaging Privileged White Students with Social Justice”. This book evolved over the past few years because Dr. Nurenberg found that his high school students expressed this very thought that they did not see any relevance in reading about the Civil RIghts movement, about Martin Luther King Jr. And it is a great guide book for teachers and parents to use today.

Carew Papritz, 'The Legacy Letters', a Father's Day gift, and more

Carew Papritz is an award-winning author and education thought leader. The message that resonates through the pages of “The Legacy Letters” is timeless, and so critically important in our life and world today. So ideal for Father’s Day, Carew talks about fatherhood, male role models, and experiences with students. Carew divides his time between Washington state–which is home, and Arizona. Check out his CarewTube, encouraging kids to read.

Home – rework

Dr. Sanam Hafeez, neuropsychologist, research on police and police work

Dr. Sanam Hafeez is a neuropsychologist in New York City, and she is a faculty member of Columbia University. She has conducted research in the area of ‘what makes a mentally fit police officer’ and she has worked with the NYC police department. She has the credentials to help us gain some understanding and some insights into the huge issues we are seeing with police departments across this country.

A guide for dealing with compassion fatigue from Earl Johnson

Earl Johnson is one of the founders of the Spiritual Care Division of the American Red Cross. And he is the author of “Finding Comfort During Hard Times: A Guide to Healing After Disease, Violence, and Other Community Trauma”. Beginning his work in the ’80s during the AIDS epidemic, Earl has the experience of seeing that with basic disaster training, the people doing the work have less compassion fatigue. We are all dealing with a qualified kind of disaster during this pandemic. We can find insights and support in the guidance of Earl’s book.

Jack Shriner from PacMed: Life can be a challenge for youth. Learn how to support, and where to find professional help.

Jack Shriner is the Lead Psychotherapist with PacMed here in the Puget Sound area, with 12 years of meeting with clients. He and other staff continue to do their critical work–virtually. This is important as mental health during this pandemic time, can potentially be more hidden when we are socially distancing. And it has the potential to be additionally stressful on our kids. Jack is dedicated to helping our youth, and families and has a more in depth article he’s written at the website–Is My Son Depressed or Just Lazy? It has excellent insights and tips for parents, teachers, and guardians.

Scott Turow–master of courtroom drama offers 'The Last Trial', great summertime reading

Scott Turow, best-selling author and attorney, launches book #11 in his legal thriller genre, The Last Trial. The title references his long time lead character in his last courtroom appearance. Lots of drama, lots of twists, and interesting pharmaceutical plot, which we might find relevant to the current search for a CoVID vaccine. Scott also provides interesting comments about our judicial system–incarceration, recidivism, education.

Invest in life and the future of our kids. WA529 is the way! Meet Luke Minor.

Luke Minor, Director of WA529, has the information about the 2 parts of our state prepaid tuition program: GET–which opened in 1998, and has had over 56,000 students access it to pay for part or all of their college tuition or expenses. The DreamAhead College Investment plan, launched in 2018 allows flexibility in the investment $$. Between the 2, families have good choices. The important thing to note is that when youth know that there are plans for their future education, they are more likely to pursue that path, Opening an account can also be like a gift ‘portal’ for other family and friends wanting to gift a student. Starting young is ideal, but it’s never too late. Enrollment for GET ends May 31. Lots of info on the website, and on Monday, May 18, 3pm, Luke cohosts an online Knowledge Cafe.

Inspiring & Important. Embrace 54! in the Virtual Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Talking about the “Virtual Walk to Cure Arthritis”. Together let’s do all we can to support research funding and educational and comfort resources for those living with arthritis and their family. The “Walk” is nationwide on Saturday, May 16, 1pm PT. Participate on their Facebook page. 54 is a ‘magic’ number, reflecting the creativity of the organizers in a unique time. 54 Million people suffer with this condition. Participate by walking 54 steps, taking 54 laps, etc., invite 54 friends to join you. And consider donating $54 dollars or multiples to support the work. Dr. Keith Elkon, the Medical Honoree, is involved in research at the UW and delivers an important message about the work being done, and all that needs to be done. Alicia Nelson is the Youth Honoree, a graduating HS Senior, who has lived with the condition for 11 years–she is an inspiring young woman. Steve Wright, Exec Director for the Arthritis Foundation shares the details of how we can all share in the success of the Walk to Cure Arthritis.