Saturday nights at 8:30pm, with an encore broadcast Tuesday at 8:30pm
Suspense.  Radio’s outstanding Theatre of Thrills comes to KIXI.  Prepare yourself for two spine-tingling episodes to bring you to the edge of your chair, to keep you in “Suspense”.


Saturday, January 26, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast January 29, 8:30pm

The Corpse And The Kid
A young boy has a plan to cover up a murder committed by his father. But you know what they say about the best laid plans


Saturday, February 2, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast February 5, 8:30pm

A tale of lust and retribution on the rubber plantations of Borneo.


Saturday, February 9, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast February 12, 8:30pm

Ricus Sardonicus
A young student is just a little too curious about her tour of a local mortuary.


Saturday, February 16, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast February 19, 8:30pm

To Kill A Mandarin
Two women find themselves the unwitting participants in a most macabre social experiment.  If you were in their place, what would you do?


Saturday, February 23, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast February 26, 8:30pm

Keepers of the Twilight

Starring former Miss America and TV idol Lee Meriwether
Women from three generations of the Kirk family gather for a relaxing lakeside retreat, full of love and laughter. But will it be the last gathering for one of them?


Saturday, March 2, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast March 5, 8:30pm

I, Assassin
A hired killer with a conscience finds herself hunted by a rival- and then the two of them are forced to work together against a common enemy.


Saturday, March 9, 8:30pm
Encore broadcast March 12, 8:30pm

The Voice In The Night
Two fishermen encounter survivors of a doomed ship, who tell a fantastic tale of a hideous transformation caused by a strange fungus.




The SUSPENSE story

During radio’s heyday in the 1930s and 1940s, anthology programs were wildly popular. But even among classics such as ‘Inner Sanctum’, ‘Lights Out!’ and ‘The Whistler’, one series stood out: SUSPENSE. Featuring a virtual who’s-who of Hollywood royalty, SUSPENSE ran for an unprecedented 20 years and 900-plus episodes before finally going off the air on September 30th, 1962- a date that is widely considered the end of radio’s ‘Golden Age’.

However, that wasn’t the end of the SUSPENSE story. Fifty-three years later, John C. Alsedek and Dana Perry-Hayes decided to do a revival of the show, with all-new stories and a style reminiscent of the original without being a copy. Since its premiere on Sirius XM in the fall of 2012, the resurrected SUSPENSE has aired on nearly 300 radio stations worldwide, becoming one of the world’s most popular radio dramas. It has also been nominated for several major honors, including the prestigious Peabody Award.

Recorded in Hollywood, California with an eclectic and ever-growing company of actors, SUSPENSE is a ‘Twilight Zone for the ears’- a whole new story every episode. So join us each week here on AM 880 KIXI for another pair of tales well-calculated to keep you in…SUSPENSE!