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TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm

Tuesdays 3pm-4pm

Grab your weekly technology without having to geek out on TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm.

The Technology Show for your commute, exercise, or drinking fun. Listen to the best 60 minutes of Technology News and Information in a segmented radio format while sipping a little Whiskey on the side. We cover Top Tech Stories with a funny spin, this is a show that allows you to listen once a week and stay up-to-date on technology in the world without getting into the weeds.

This Broadcast style format is perfect for the everyday person wanting a quick update on technology with two fun caricatures driving the show Mike and Nathan. Listen once, Listen twice and you will be sold on the radio program.

Nathan Mumm is a Snohomish County multi-business executive. Born in 1973, his success in both property management, and technology investments have allowed him the ability to venture in many local businesses. He is the current radio talk show host for TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm. Nathan worked 10 years at Microsoft and 5 years at Vulcan Inc in the Seattle area. He was the original owner of the Snohomish County Explosion professional basketball team that played in the International Basketball League. Mumm is known as a key leader in Snohomish County regarding technology business and entertainment. Growing up in the town of Marysville he graduated from Marysville Pilchuck High School in 1992. He currently lives in the town of Snohomish, Washington.


Mike Gorday originally from Arizona moved to Washington state many years ago. With an MA degree, he is a Human Solutions Consultant and Coach living in the Seattle Area.  He combines his continuing education in human behavior, over 20-year career experience in the helping field, and 20 years studying martial arts in assisting others navigating the often rocky road of obtaining goals and changing their lives.


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