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Mondays, 3PM-4PM

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The best conversations are rooted in connection; better connection improves relationships; stronger relationships are the building blocks of a better world. That is the foundation for This Show is All About You, hosted by JDK Wyneken.

Tune in Mondays from 3PM – 4PM PST to hear a thoughtful conversation between JDK and his weekly guest about discovering and building upon connections. Featured guests are invited for their unique experiences and stories that resonate, whether they be about the Big Things in Life we all face or the Little Joyful Things That We Often Miss  – or both.

JDK is a fiction writer, PhD historian, poet, storyteller, and social commentator with an affinity for making the complex easier to understand and embrace. His interests and experiences range far and wide, and he isn’t shy about sharing his unique and insightful takes on history, current affairs, literature, media, music, travel, sports, cooking, or whatever else JDK and his guests explore. It’s all delivered with a healthy dose of humor, emotional intelligence, personal reflection, and strategic irreverence for the accepted notions of How Things Should Be Done.



JDK Wyneken, Host

JDK was raised on the beaches of Hawaii and Southern California and has lived all over the country. While he has traveled the world, he is most at home with his own imperfect self. Having reimagined and rebuilt his life after his battle through addiction, JDK knows what it’s like to work through and accept the ugly parts of life to better appreciate its gifts.

Combine all that with years of connecting with, listening to, and learning from people of all ages and stages, and you have a host willing and uniquely able to share his full life on the airwaves in order to connect with listeners – ensuring his show is, indeed, All About You.

To learn more about JDK or to apply to be a guest on the show, connect with him via:



Facebook: JDKWyneken1

Instagram: jdkwyneken

Twitter: @jdkwyneken

Crossroads Friends
Episode 69: “Crossroads Friends” JDK welcomes Dr. Kevin Simpson to the show, a longtime friend, colleague, and partner in studying and teaching about the Holocaust. Join them for a conversation about how psychology and history share common goals and power to illuminate, and hear about Kevin’s book, “Soccer Under the Swastika.” Throughout it all, hear two longtime friends connect over their shared experiences, missions, and interests, with an eye towards continuing their support of each other on their unique life journeys.
Attaboy, Girl
Episode 68: “Attaboy, Girl” JDK welcomes Julia Cannell, Executive Director of Airway Science for Kids, to the show to talk about the organization’s mission to help historically excluded youth, as well as how her life story prepared her to do this work and live her purpose. Be sure to have your daughters, moms, and sisters listen, too!
Like Fathers, Like Sons?
Episode 67: “Like Fathers, Like Sons?” JDK launches his new one-hour format with a quick look at the week’s news, followed by a open, honest conversation with his father about their shared experiences as pastor’s kids, the life lessons they’ve learned and continue to learn, what bothers them most about the world, and why Parmesan cheese just might be the King Of All Cheeses.