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When Radio Was airs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 8pm to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday nights from 9pm to 11pm.  A Seattle favorite for years, “When Radio Was” showcases radio’s Golden Age, with classic shows such as “The Shadow”, “Jack Benny”, “Fibber McGee and Molly”, “Gunsmoke”, and “Dragnet”, and unforgettable stars like Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Orson Welles, and many others. Visit When Radio Was online.

Upcoming When Radio Was episodes




Wednesday 9-22
Jack Benny Program
Operation Recuperation – Part 2
Original Air Date – 10/23/1949

Candy Matson
Symphony of Death
Original Air Date – 6/19/1950

Friday 9-24

This Is Your FBI
The Surplus Swindle
Original Air Date – 6/28/1946

The Adv. of Superman
Mystery of The Stolen Costume – Pt 9
Original Air Date – 3/22/1948

Saturday 9-25 Part 1

The Story of Dr. Kildare
Kildare’s Old Girlfiend
Original Air Date – 5/10/1950

The Couple Next Door
Trust Fund For Bobby
Original Air Date – 2/20/1959

Saturday 9-25 Part 2

Michael Shayne
Museum Thefts
Original Air Date – 7/30/1945

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”
The Todd Matter – Part 3
Original Air Date – 1/11/1956

Sunday 9-26 Part 1

Archie Andrews
Unexpected Company
Original Air Date – 11/20/1948

Fibber McGee & Molly
Pot Roast for Dinner – Part 1
Original Air Date – 6/9/1942

Sunday 9-26 Part 2

Fibber McGee & Molly
Pot Roast for Dinner – Part 2
Original Air Date – 6/9/1942

Hawk Larabee
Blind Chuck
Original Air Date – 9/6/1947

gregbellsm2Meet Greg Bell… the host of KIXI’s When Radio Was“Over the past few years, I have heard from many folks well under Jack Benny’s age (39), who tell me how surprised and thrilled they are to discover how cool these shows are at 50, 60 even 70 years after they originally aired,” says Greg.  “As the new host of ‘When Radio Was’, I hope I can continue to bring these wonderful nuggets from the past to a whole new audience, while also entertaining the long-term Classic radio fans as well.”Growing up in Central Illinois, nearly smack dab between St. Louis and Chicago, allowed Greg to enjoy both rich and rewarding radio markets. As a matter of fact, in one of those quirky coincidences, he developed his appreciation for Classic radio and historical trivia by listening to shows hosted by two of his professional predecessors — the original “When Radio Was” host, Art Fleming, and the gentleman he now takes over the reins from on that show, Chuck Schaden.