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Your Life, Your Way, is a show/podcast that gives insight on new aspects of aging in today’s world.

“We wish to give and show what senior life is like today. We want to give our audience the tools and knowledge necessary to live their life, their way,” said Shane Fowler, Executive Director of Holden Southcenter, adding, “We will be interviewing with professionals, residents, and employees who can give us a look into what to expect and how to make life easier for you and your loved ones.”

ShaneShane first formed a connection with older adults when he was 12. He used to ride his bike through the surrounding neighborhoods. Just a few blocks from his own home was a little house owned by a lady named Fern.

“I saw that her lawn needed mowing, so I knocked on the door to see if I could help. She was so excited that I had offered to help with the lawn care.”

In that moment, a long friendship began. Shane regularly mowed Fern’s lawn and she paid him with chocolate chip cookies. The friendship continued on through high school.

“My life’s commitment to serving seniors started with Fern and my love for my own grandmas. At 19, I moved in with my grandma Donna to assist with meals, transportation, cleaning, scheduling, and to ensure that all of her care needs were met. I also got job as a cabulance driver for a skilled nursing facility that also offered home care. This launched my 15 year career and fostered in me a dedication to serve seniors at all levels. I moved on to be a Care Manager, Operations Director, Senior Executive Director and now Executive Director for Holden Southcenter.

Shane is part of a dedicated team of care providers found at Holden Southcenter, which is a modern, secure and lifestyle-driven assisted living and memory care provider in Tukwila, Washington.

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Your Life, Your Way
In this edition of Your Life, Your Way, Erik Krema sits down with Shane Fowler, Executive Director of Holden Southcenter, to discuss what it’s like to retire to a modern, secure and lifestyle-driven assisted living and memory care community. Website: https://www.milestoneretirement.com/senior-living/wa/tukwila/holden-southcenter/?utm_source=GBP&utm_medium=organic
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