Spotlighting Aspiration and Bamboo Learning


Aspiration is a new concept in banking. Andrei Cherny is the CEO of Aspiration Banking and he shares the good things they are doing for our environment. Plant a climate change-fighting tree with every purchase by rounding up to the nearest whole dollar. And know that your deposits won’t fund fossil fuel products like pipelines, oil drilling and coal mines when you open an Aspiration Spend and Save Account.

Bamboo Learning: Ian Freed, a former Amazon exec who led Kindle and Alexa development teams, launched Bamboo in 2018 with co-founder Irina Fine, a 30-year veteran of elementary education curriculum development and teaching. Freed was a technology adviser to Bezos from 2004-2005. Bamboo Luminaries is a social studies trivia-style game designed to teach students about history. Bamboo’s other apps include Bamboo Math, Bamboo Music, and others. “Voice devices provide an alternative to ‘screen time,’ which kids (and parents) can get tired of,” Freed said. “This is particularly true during the current pandemic.” I’ts free. https://bamboolearning.com/