Spotlighting Mike Andrews Empathy and Influence


Mike Andrews fantastic new book, ‘The Influential Christian: Learning to Lead from the Heart’. The book deals with the topics of influence and empathy—
Of one, most Americans would say, there is too much. The other, not enough. But which is which? Is there too much of both in our culture today? Not enough of either? And what does one have to do with the other? Popular portrayals of influence usually focus on enabling you to get something you want. Better ways to market yourself or your product, so others buy into your proposal or social influence or leadership. But, that’s not what influence is.
There are millions of people out there who consider themselves ‘influencers’. And if the aforementioned is not influence, what are those people?
As for empathy, what does it have to do with influence? Everything.
And is there anything the world needs today more than empathetic leaders influencing others?