Spotlighting WA 529 GET Savings Plan

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This week we talk with Luke Minor, WA529 Director. The GET program’s 2019-2020 enrollment period comes to a close on May 31. Washington families still have time to start saving for future college costs with the state’s 529 prepaid tuition program.
The GET program is one of two college savings options offered by Washington College Savings Plans (WA529). The DreamAhead College Investment Plan was launched in 2018 to create additional choice and flexibility for families as they plan for college costs.
“Even during a crisis like COVID-19, it’s important to keep in perspective that your child’s dreams and your goals for their future are long-term,” says Washington College Savings Plans director, Luke Minor. “Building a savings strategy when kids are young and staying the course are essential to keeping those dreams moving forward. A GET account from WA529 is a great starting point.”

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